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Industrial Floor Maintenance: A Ride On Scrubber and Sweeper Hire Guide

Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of a large warehouse can be a daunting task, especially following building work or in the face of the constant wear and tear experienced by industrial concrete floors. That’s why you should consider ride on sweeper or ride on scrubber hire from SRS Cleaning Equipment.

The key to addressing these challenges efficiently lies in the strategic use of advanced cleaning equipment, such as opting for a ride on scrubber hire or a ride on sweeper hire

This comprehensive guide provides actionable insights into cleaning large warehouses, maintaining industrial concrete floors, and keeping warehouse floors dry.

How do you clean a large warehouse?

Cleaning a large warehouse efficiently requires a systematic approach and the right equipment. A ride on sweeper for hire is ideal for quickly removing debris and dust from large floor areas. These machines are designed to cover vast spaces with ease, offering superior cleaning capabilities without the physical strain associated with manual sweeping. 

For deeper cleaning, especially in areas with stubborn dirt or grease, ride on scrubber hire can be incredibly effective. These machines combine scrubbing with suction, ensuring that floors are not only clean but also dry and safe for traffic immediately after cleaning.

How do you clean floors after building work?

Post-construction cleaning requires tackling heavy dust, debris, and sometimes spills of paint or plaster. Start with a thorough sweep using a ride on sweeper to collect larger particles and dust. This initial step helps prevent scratching or damaging the floor in subsequent cleaning stages. 

Following this, employing a ride on scrubber ensures the removal of any sticky residues or finer dust ingrained into the floor’s surface. The combination of mechanical action, cleaning solution, and suction leaves the floor spotless and ready for use.

How do you maintain an industrial concrete floor?

Maintaining an industrial concrete floor involves regular cleaning and periodic sealing to protect its surface. Daily or weekly cleaning with ride on sweeper hire can effectively remove surface-level dust and debris, preventing accumulation and potential damage to the floor. 

For deeper cleaning or to remove stains, a ride on scrubber hire is more appropriate, as it can clean more thoroughly without damaging the concrete. Additionally, applying a concrete sealer every few years can help to protect the floor from wear, stains, and moisture, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its appearance.

How do I keep my warehouse floor dry?

Keeping a warehouse floor dry is crucial for preventing slip hazards and ensuring the longevity of the floor. After any wet cleaning process, ensure that the machine’s vacuum system is in good working order to efficiently suck up the water, leaving the floor dry. 

In areas prone to spills or moisture, use industrial-grade floor mats to absorb liquids and provide a non-slip surface. Regular inspections and maintenance of roofing and plumbing systems also help prevent leaks that could lead to wet floors.


The cleanliness and maintenance of industrial floors require attention to detail and the right tools for the job. With the efficiency of ride on scrubber hire and ride on sweeper hire from SRS Cleaning Equipment, businesses can maintain their floors in pristine condition, ensuring a safe and productive working environment. 

Remember, the investment in quality cleaning equipment not only preserves the integrity of your industrial floors but also reflects your commitment to operational excellence and workplace safety. Get in touch with the team at SRS Cleaning Equipment today.

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