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Battery-Powered Scrubber Dryer Benefits!

Scrubber dryer battery-powered machines are quickly taking over as the preferred alternative to diesel, LPG and petrol, due to the increasing demand to reduce emissions from all types of equipment. But reducing emissions from machines like industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers is just one benefit to look at when it comes to battery-powered floor cleaning equipment.

If batteries can power things like vehicles and heavy-duty construction equipment, they can absolutely be used in industrial cleaning machines at SRS Cleaning Equipment. But what benefits can a battery-powered machine offer you?

Cable-Free Cleaning

One of the main benefits that you will notice when using a battery-powered industrial cleaning machine compared to cable-powered cleaning machines is the cable-free experience that it gives you. Especially useful in busy working environments with a lot of employee and fork truck movement, the lack of a cable makes it easier and safer to cover a greater amount of floor space in a much quicker period of time, without needing to seek out several power supplies.

As well as the absence of cables helping reduce the overall cleaning time, they can also reduce the risk of trips and falls and makes handling of the machine easier for the operator.

Ready to go!

Thanks to the ever-evolving advancements in technology – especially in recent years – large industrial cleaning machines can be fully charged ready for a thorough clean in no time. Using nothing more than your standard electricity supply, these machines can be fully charged and provide a long-lasting and reliable cleaning performance before requiring it’s next charge.

Quiet in the Workplace

Everyone who operates equipment has a duty to manage noise no matter what industry it’s being used in, both for the protection of operators, other members of staff and the public who may be in close contact with cleaning equipment, e.g. in shopping centres, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and car parks.

The large ride-on battery-powered scrubber dryer from SRS Cleaning Equipment can be used for indoor and outdoor floor cleaning and is available with a 110-volt or 240-volt battery charger and an extremely low noise level to allow for operation at any time of day.

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