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Battery Powered with SRS Clean

Over the years the increasing demand to minimise petrol and diesel emissions into the atmosphere has lead manufacturers of all types of equipment and cleaning machines to look at using battery power in favour of using diesel or petrol.

But as well as battery power being a suitable replacement to fuel powered machines, several other advantages come with a battery powered industrial cleaning machine. Some of the benefits that these machines have over cable powered equipment is of course – no cables to worry about restricting your clean, and a massive reduction in noise – especially important for operation in public and largely populated working environments.

Along with a growth in battery equipment in recent years, advances in the technology naturally grew with it, resulting in; charging time being reduced, connection to a 110volt or standard 240volt electricity supply for re-charging, and of course, increased operating time.

At SRS Clean we are constantly seeing an increasing demand for battery-powered floor cleaning equipment, and see the machines as a safe, reliable, effective and efficient alternative that meets many cleaning requirements.

Why do we recommend battery operated machines to our customers for industrial floor cleaning?

Reducing Emissions – Because of the power modern batteries can produce is at about the same level as traditional fuels they are a more than a suitable alternative to these fuels and will make operation far safer when used in confined working areas.

Clean Freely – With slips and trips remaining the single most common cause of injury in UK workplaces, the absence of cables reduces this risk completely and also makes machine operation simpler and easier to achieve.

Noise Reduction – Loud noises in an environment where concentration and attention is vital can become a problem. Battery powered machines, which can be used both in and outdoor, are the ideal machine for these types of working environments.

Recommended by SRS

The SRS large ride-on battery powered scrubber dryer is the ideal machine for busy warehouses and manufacturing facilities that constantly need a quick cleaning job done. One of the most compact and manoeuvrable ride on scrubber dryers on the market, it can clean the toughest applications quickly and efficiently and has all the features and capabilities you’d come to expect from your typical battery powered cleaning machine.

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