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Buying A Refurbished Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine

When it comes to discussing a refurbished sweeper and scrubber warehouse floor cleaning machine there is sometimes confusion surrounding the exact definition of fully refurbished cleaners. The team at SRS wanted to talk you through some key points that make our refurbished machine option beneficial to you and clear up any confusion or queries you may have.

What makes our industrial cleaners fully refurbished?

A fully refurbished SRS cleaning machine has been through a complete workshop refurbishment process. We make sure that all our cleaners, from large to small, are repaired and restored to their original quality, so that they are ready and fully capable of completing any job handed to it, just at a more budget-friendly price.

All of our machines that go through the refurbishing process are dismantled and then rebuilt from the chassis up, so they look and perform just as well as a new model. Panels are professionally resprayed, and any damaged components are repaired or replaced as required.

Is a refurbished warehouse floor cleaning machine any good?

Yes. It is. As explained briefly above, one of our SRS industrial cleaning machines will be the same standard as any new cleaner, because any damaged or dysfunctional components will have been repaired or replaced before being made available for purchase or hire.

Our refurbished machines also have a slightly lower chance of malfunctioning than that to the chances of a brand new machine, and as strange as it may sound, this may just be the case. A brand new machine will have gone through all of the required checks before being sent out for hire. However, a refurbished cleaner will have gone through these checks twice, once when it was new and once after being refurbished. Meaning the chances of encountering an issue would be difficult after two rounds of quality checks.

We also provide our customers with machine familiarisation upon delivery just as we do with our new models. Due to SRS’ large hire fleet of industrial cleaning equipment, we always have availability of high-standard, fully refurbished cleaning machines, industrial floor sweepers and floor scrubber dryers.

As an example of the ‘like new’ standard, we aim to achieve on our second hand cleaning machines all the pictures of the ‘small ride on scrubber dryer’ are of one of our fully refurbished units.

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