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Ride On Floor Cleaners: A Cost-Effective Way to Clean Your Premises

Businesses should always be looking for faster, better and more cost-effective ways of running their operation by looking at every aspect and how it can be improved like ride on floor cleaners for example. One of those aspects, which we at SRS Cleaning Equipment feel sometimes gets overlooked is the floor cleaning and maintenance cost.

Every business, from big to small, requires some method of work environment maintenance. Facility managers of manufacturing facilities, construction sites or warehouses & distribution centres, should regularly consider how to make the working environment safer or healthier for those who use it.

When picking a walk behind or ride-on floor cleaner, it’s important to determine if the machine you’re looking at will provide financial savings over time compared to your current cleaning solution. This should be done by taking preparation, operation and overall machine maintenance into account. For example, a machine which is difficult for the operator to use, or a maintenance process which requires ergonomic strain will not be a productive or valued asset.

Sweeper Scrubber dryer machines that continue to dispense chemical solutions when not needed is quite a common thing in older models. As technology has evolved along with the floor cleaning machines which we provide, advanced sweeper and scrubbers are now equipped with speed-dependent chemical dispensing systems. These systems have been designed to apply the desired cleaning solution to the floor in a controlled manner, depending on the overall speed of the machine.

Thanks to this development in technology, businesses cut down on the amount of wasted cleaning solution and use it in future cleaning sessions. These advancements also allow for less time wasted, significant cost savings and improved operator productivity.

If you are considering an upgrade or want to add ride on floor cleaners to your cleaning procedure, get in touch with the team at SRS Cleaning Equipment. Our dedicated team at SRS are more than happy to help you pick the right industrial cleaning machine and talk through the preparation, operation and maintenance of the machines we provide. All of our industrial floor cleaning machines are available for spot hire, long term hire and purchase.

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