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Does Your Factory Need A Ride On Sweeper

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we encourage to choose a ride on sweeper to tackle vast floor sweeping tasks and clean large areas efficiently and effectively with minimal effort.

Our industrial ride on sweepers help to ensure the person responsible for warehouse, factory or car park cleaning is able to achieve premium results every time. 

Industrial sweepers remove all types of debris and dust from the floor and are an extremely cost effective way to clean the indoor or outdoor grounds of a business place. 

Cleaning areas manually using a brush would normally take forever but with a ride on sweeper you can reduce time and achieve outstanding results.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment we believe that there are many reasons to choose a ride on sweeper for your cleaning regime. 

For starters, the area a sweeper drives over is cleaned all in one pass, which saves a considerable amount of time and improves productivity. You can ensure a completely dust-free operation and no more manual travelling behind a standard sweeping brush.

A ride on sweeper makes for an efficient process, whereas broom cleaning does not collect all the dust and debris. Using a sweeper allows you to accumulate everything safely in one single swipe.

Every cleaning session is productive due to our modern fleet of battery-powered ride-on sweepers. A lot of our customers have the initial worry that the runtime compared to an engine powered sweeper will be less but we fit the largest battery packs available, which give 5+ hours of use from a single charge. 

There are also many long term benefits of owning a ride on floor sweeper. We directly supply single and multi-sites with heavy duty floor cleaning equipment through our short term and long term (Flexi Hire) fleet as well as offering new and refurbished machine sales.

Whether it is an emergency ‘spot hire’ you require or you have a more permanent requirement we have the heavy duty machine range, logistics operation and extensive hire fleet to assist your business.

We ensure a smooth handover of any equipment we supply and provide with machine familiarisation on delivery together with our ongoing service support for the duration of the hire.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we supply warehouses, factories, car parks and construction sites throughout the UK with heavy duty ride-on sweepers through our short term and long term (Flexi-Hire) fleet.

For more information give us a call on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away. 

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

CALL US TODAY ON 0330 678 11 22