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Product Highlight: Ride-On Battery Powered Scrubber Sweeper Combo (Eureka E110-R)

The Large Ride-on Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer (Eureka E110-R), available from the team at SRS is ideal for you if you manage a large working environment that requires constant maintenance and cleaning. These environments include anything from packing warehouses, production facilities, food processing or other heavily populated and industrial applications.

In the past, if you wanted the best sweeper and scrubber solutions on-site to achieve the highest quality cleaning results you would have required two individual heavy-duty machines. Now all you need is this superbly built combination machine from SRS to fulfil your sweeping and scrubbing needs.

This robust and effective large ride-on battery-powered scrubber dryer features two opposing cylindrical brushes. The brushes rotate at high speeds ensuring results by providing a streamlined debris collection and thorough floor scrubbing in a single pass no matter the application.

Designed to achieve an impressive 110 cm cleaning path and forward speed of 8Km/h, this machine promises a productivity level that exceeds 8,800 m2/hour, letting you cover more floor than ever before in record times. Not only this, but the powerful built-in drying system maximises water pick up, leaving floors clean and completely dry. With the Eureka E110-R, floors are immediately ready for use, without the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Fitted with a very large (fork truck style) battery pack this workhorse of a machine can keep cleaning floors for over 6 hours on a full charge and can be conveniently re-charged with either a 110volt or standard 240volt supply.

This heavy-duty ride-on combination cleaner is available for both short and long term hire anywhere in the UK on the SRS Flexi hire plan making it the ideal choice for any working environment. However, if you think that this machine is too big, too small or even if you feel you just need a machine that just sweeps or scrubs, our range of industrial cleaning machines is guaranteed to have something that perfectly meets your requirements.

Our entire fleet of walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers and scrubber dryers are readily available for same-day/next day delivery and provided with familiarisation and our full-service support so why not make an enquiry by getting in touch with us on 0330 678 11 22.

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