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How to Clean Tyre Marks From a Warehouse Floor

A clean and tidy industrial floor can improve the look and feel of any warehouse and also help you meet the criteria that health & safety organisations put in place. In order to maintain industrial floors to the best possible condition, it is necessary to introduce an effective cleaning plan using mechanical sweepers and scrubber dryers to clean tyre marks from the surface.

It is vital that your industrial floors are well managed and kept clean and clear from any loose debris that would otherwise potentially cause safety issues. However, while debris is one common issue we encounter, more and more companies are looking for the perfect way to deal with tyre/rubber marks left on their floor from fork-lift trucks and delivery vehicles. In large warehouse facilities for effective tyre mark removal, you will need a heavy-duty floor scrubber dryer with suitable cleaning fluid to remove these rubber tyre marks from your warehouse floors. This is where the team at SRS can lend you our expertise and provide your business with an efficient and effective ride-on scrubber dryer.

SRS Recommends: Eureka E110

Large Ride-On Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Left behind tyre tracks from delivery vehicles or warehouse machinery like forklifts trucks can become a big issue when it comes to managing not just the appearance but the safety aspect of a warehouse floor. Furthermore, when a highly reflective floor is affected, these markings can become even more noticeable, undesirable and can decrease the performance characteristics of the floor surface. That’s why the team at SRS recommend the Eureka E110 sit on floor cleaner.

One of our most durable and manoeuvrable ride-on scrubber dryers, the battery-powered Eureka E110 offered by SRS Clean is one of the most popular models on the market which can easily handle the hardest of floor cleaning tasks, making the most time-consuming cleaning jobs easy to execute and tyre mark removal an easy task.

The Eureka E110 is the best approach for practically any fast-paced working environment where the floors need debris, dust and tyre marks and heavy stains removing. Equipped with large capacity clean and recovery tanks, heavy brush pressure and auto-dosing chemical system the E110 is the ideal machine to clean large floor areas, providing run times of between 5 to 6 hours.

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