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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Types

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we are a leading industrial and commercial floor cleaning machine supplier in the UK and offer state-of-the-art industrial cleaning equipment and our experienced team can recommend the right type of cleaning solution for every client.

It is one of our main responsibilities to keep our current and prospective customers up to date and aware of the different types of industrial cleaning equipment available, along with the tools and helpful materials to aid the use of these machines.

In today’s post, we share some useful information on the different types of floor cleaning equipment we offer to help you better understand which industrial machine might best suit your specific industry needs.

Industrial floor sweepers

If your workplace regularly accumulates dirt, debris, and dust and requires heavy duty cleaning, our floor sweepers are perfect for the job. Industrial sweepers are suitable for use in factories, warehouses, schools, car parks, and other commercial and industrial environments.

All of our floor sweepers are manufactured with a broom and vacuum system to effectively sweep dust into a chamber to ensure a completely dust-free floor space.

We have walk behind and ride on floor sweeper models available, depending on your business requirements. The walk behind models we have in stock are easily manoeuvrable and best suited for areas with tight spaces and corridors and narrow pathways.

Ride on industrial floor sweepers are a better option if your business space is over 1000 m2. Our machines have the ability to sweep the floor surface area clean in no time.

Purchasing or hiring a floor sweeper with SRS Cleaning Equipment means you can enjoy floors that are cleaned to the highest standard, which in the long run will save on time and labour costs.

Industrial floor scrubbers

If you want to achieve a squeaky clean finish for your business floors free of stains, spills, and grease; look no further than our floor scrubber dryers. These heavy duty machines are suitable for large factories, warehouses, shopping centres, pharmaceutical plants, and more.

Again, we stock this cleaning machine type in both walk behind and ride on models, depending on what you require. Choose a walk behind models for tight spaces that are hard to reach or a ride on model for time consuming, large-scale areas.

Our industrial floor scrubbers use a brush, water, and cleaning chemicals to banish all dirt, chemical stains, and marks that have accumulated to leave a clean and dry finish. The dirt is collected by a vacuumed squeegee bar into a water tank for disposal.

Industrial floor scrubbers are always guaranteed to leave a clean and high-quality end result.

Combination sweeper and scrubbers

Combination sweepers and scrubbers are the ideal solution for cleaning construction sites, warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities.

Quite simply, they combine the best of both worlds. Sweep and scrub in one pass with one of our heavy duty ride on sweeper scrubbers.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we supply warehouses, factories, and construction sites throughout the UK with heavy-duty ride-on sweepers and scrubbers through our short term and long term (Flexi-Hire) fleet.

For more information give us a call on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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