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Industrial Bakeries

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we specialise in providing top-tier industrial cleaning machines, expertly tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re operating an industrial bakery or a food processing factory, our robust range of heavy-duty scrubber dryers ensures impeccable hygiene and safety for your floors.

Our hire and purchase options, including spot hire, Flexi-Hire, and outright purchase, are designed to align seamlessly with your specific site requirements and budget considerations.

For industrial bakeries prioritising cleanliness, safety, and smooth operations, we proudly recommend our industrial walk behind scrubber dryer. Available in both new and refurbished models, this mid-size powerhouse boasts a 25-gallon solution tank, outstripping the capacity of most medium-sized scrubber dryers by 25%. Its formidable 27-gallon recovery tank minimises refills, enhancing your cleaning efficiency.

This scrubber dryer is not just a cleaning machine; it’s a testament to our commitment to operational excellence. With its sizeable tanks, it effortlessly tackles oil, grease, waste food products, rubber tyre marks, and lubricants, making it an indispensable asset for your industrial space. Its speed twist grip system enhances manoeuvrability, allowing it to glide smoothly around machinery and staff, adaptable for a range of applications.

This machine’s standout feature is its battery-powered runtime of up to 4 hours, setting a new standard in industrial cleaning efficiency. The durable battery pack extends operational time between charges, and the convenient ‘on-board’ dual voltage charger ensures safe and easy charging anywhere on your premises.

We at SRS Cleaning Equipment are not just suppliers; we are partners in your pursuit of a clean, efficient workspace. When you opt for one of our machines, you receive more than just equipment. Our expert team will deliver your chosen machine directly to your site, accompanied by comprehensive machine familiarisation, operator check sheets, and our unwavering continuous service support. Moreover, each machine is equipped with the finest brushes or pads, specifically chosen to suit your floor application, all inclusive in the price.

For a personalised consultation and to discover how our cleaning solutions can revolutionise your cleaning processes in your Industrial Bakery, reach out to us. Call 0330 678 11 22 to connect with our cleaning machine experts who are ready to assist you, or email us at [email protected] for further information. Let’s work together to create a cleaner, more efficient future.

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