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Factory Floor Cleanliness: A Guide to Scrubbers vs. Sweepers

When it comes to maintaining pristine industrial environments, the importance of choosing the right cleaning equipment cannot be overstated. Amongst our factory floor cleaning machine range, ranging from ride on scrubbers to sweepers, understanding the nuances of each option can significantly impact your cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. 

This guide explores how to clean industrial floors, the differences between floor scrubbers and sweepers, and offers insights on selecting the best machines for factory floors.

How do you clean industrial floors?

Cleaning industrial floors requires a strategic approach to handle the variety of challenges these environments present, from heavy dirt and debris to oil spills and chemical stains. A ride on scrubber is a powerhouse in such settings, offering deep cleaning and sanitation by applying cleaning solution, scrubbing, and then vacuuming up the dirty water all in one pass. 

This method is particularly effective for maintaining large areas like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, ensuring a thorough clean with minimal downtime.

What is the difference between a floor scrubber and a floor sweeper?

Understanding the key differences between these two types of floor cleaning machine is crucial for optimising your cleaning operations. A floor scrubber is designed to clean, wash, and dry hard floors in a single operation. It uses brushes and cleaning solution to scrub floors clean, making it ideal for removing stains, spills, and ingrained dirt. 

On the other hand, a floor sweeper is primarily designed to pick up loose debris, dust, and dirt from floors, operating either through manual push or powered by batteries or fuel for ride on models. While sweepers are excellent for daily maintenance and debris removal, scrubbers provide a deeper clean for tougher grime.

Which is best for cleaning the floors of factories?

The choice between a ride on scrubber and a sweeper for cleaning factory floors largely depends on the specific needs of your facility. If your factory floor is prone to spills, stains, and heavy soiling, a ride on scrubber is your best bet for deep cleaning and sanitising the space efficiently. 

For facilities with lighter dirt accumulation or where the primary concern is debris and dust, a floor sweeper may be adequate. Many facilities benefit from having both types of factory floor cleaning machine for different cleaning needs throughout their operation.

What to look for when buying a sweeper?

When in the market for a sweeper, whether a ride on model or a walk behind, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the right industrial floor cleaning machine for your needs:

  • Size and Manoeuvrability: Match the size of the machine to the size of your facility and check how easily it can navigate around your space.
  • Type of Debris: Evaluate the kind of debris you’ll be collecting (e.g., fine dust, metal shavings, larger debris) and ensure the sweeper is suited for it.
  • Power Source: Decide between manual, battery-powered, or fuel-powered models based on your operational preferences and the size of the area to be cleaned.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: Look for machines that are user-friendly and easy to maintain, with readily available parts and service support.


Whether choosing a ride on scrubber or exploring our range of other warehouse floor cleaning machines, understanding the specific requirements of your industrial space is key to making an informed decision. 

By considering the type of dirt and debris, the size of the area, and the desired cleaning outcome, you can select the equipment that best fits your needs, ensuring your factory or warehouse floors remain spotless and safe. Get in touch with us today!

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