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Highlight On The NSS Wrangler 2625 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

If you have a premises which needs constant cleaning, such as a food factory or other food outlet, the NSS Wrangler 2625 pedestrian industrial scrubber dryer is ideal, because although it is heavy duty and well up to any cleaning task you might throw at it, it is also very manoeuvrable and easy to manage, so constant passes to maintain an absolutely perfectly clean floor is very simple, without having to stop staff working while a large ride on scrubber dryer moves around the space.

Always ready

The NSS Wrangler 2625 is ideal for food prep areas because as we all know, spills happen. Rather than mopping with a squeegee and bucket and possibly making things worse, you can call on the NSS Wrangler and it can be there in minutes, cleaning the whole area and leaving the floor almost dry, meaning no down time. The battery gives four hours work on a full charge and there is no fiddly uncoupling when you’re done – the on-board charger can plug into any 110 volt or 240 volt power supply. Machine familiarisation is given with every hire but we do find that some people are still a little wary – until they try it, that is! The NSS models are traction driven with variable speed control, which makes it easy to control and manoeuvre. This makes it particularly safe to use in busy areas such as factories or warehouses.

Loads of capacity

The NSS Wrangler 2625 industrial scrubber dryer has an almost unbelievable capacity, with clean and recovery tanks holding an enormous 95 litres and a runtime of between 3 and 4 hours. This is really good for productivity, because it means the operator has less downtime emptying and refilling the tanks and can spend more time actually cleaning the floor. It’s well built – it wouldn’t be in our fleet if it wasn’t! – and will be fully maintained and serviced by our team of fully stocked and experienced field engineers while you have it out on hire. We have nationwide coverage and quick delivery – we also know that if you need our help, you need it fast, so we make sure that we reach you fast in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

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