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Sweeper vs Ride On Scrubber

Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we specialise in providing industrial sweeper and ride on scrubber equipment. We supply and support a wide range of heavy-duty floor cleaning machines across the UK. With an experienced and dedicated team, we are more than happy to offer machine advice to help you establish the best floor cleaner for your application. 

But what are the basic things to consider when trying to improve the standards of your floor?

Types of floor cleaning machines

We’re starting with the assumption that you’re not looking for a mop and bucket or broom so what is the best piece of mechanical cleaning equipment for you and your requirements? Do you need a heavy duty industrial sweeper, a manoeuvrable and effective scrubber dryer, or an impressive ride-on combination cleaner that helps you do two jobs at once to save you time?

Floor cleaning equipment

Floor Sweepers

At the basic level, floor sweepers are an alternative to manual sweeping with a broom. Ideal for any big working environments for the removal of dust and debris, these machines can range from small battery-powered models to industrial ride-on sweepers in LPG and diesel power and all come with heavy-duty dust extraction capabilities. Floor sweepers use rotating brushes to effectively sweep the dirt from the floor and deposit it into a hopper for emptying at a later date. Ride-on sweepers are ideal for factory cleaning or warehouse cleaning as they cover a lot of ground quickly and have large hoppers and dust filtration to help your company reduce time spent cleaning and improve the working environment for your team.

Our wide variety of industrial walk-behind and ride-on sweepers at SRS Cleaning Equipment will reduce your time spent sweeping your facility significantly. We’re confident that we’ll have the best sweeper to suit your business’ cleaning requirements.

Ride on scrubber dryers

You could think of a scrubber dryer as a pretty powerful, technical and efficient alternative to the standard everyday mop and bucket.

Industrial floor scrubbers use brushes or pads to agitate cleaning solution into the floor to remove the dirt and grime, with the remaining residue and cleaning solution being collected by a vacuum and squeegee system at the rear of the machine for later disposal. The floor is left both clean and dry which means a minimum of disruption to the business.

A clean floor also looks professional and provides a safer environment for staff and visitors.

Ride on scrubber dryers are really the only machine for the job when dealing with ingrained grime, compacted dirt, fork truck rubber marks or oily substances. With a large line of machines ready to be dispatched on a next day basis for hire or purchase our collection of industrial scrubber dryers, ranging from a walk behind to ride on, is the perfect choice for any larger warehouses, car park clean or manufacturing facility.

Contact our team for help on picking the perfect sweeper or ride on scrubber for you and your requirements.

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