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Walk Behind vs Ride On Scrubber: Which Is Best For Your Facility?

Maintaining clean and safe floors is a top priority for many industries, and an industrial scrubber dryer has become an indispensable tool in achieving this goal. Choose from a ride on scrubber or walk behind model from SRS Cleaning Equipment today! 

When it comes to choosing the right floor scrubber for your facility, you’ll often find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a walk behind and ride on scrubber.

Therefore, to help make your decision easier we’ll delve into the key considerations that can help you determine which type of scrubber dryer is best suited for your specific facility needs.

The Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Compact and Maneuverable

Walk behind scrubber dryers are known for their compact size and excellent manoeuvrability. These machines are designed to navigate tight spaces and confined areas, making them an ideal choice for facilities with limited floor space or narrow aisles

If your facility has many obstacles or obstacles that require frequent manoeuvring, a walk behind scrubber may be the better choice.


A walk behind scrubber dryer can be more cost-effective than ride on models. Their lower upfront cost and operational costs make them an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints or those looking for a more affordable solution.


Walk behind models come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your facility’s specific needs. 

They can be equipped with different brush types and sizes to handle various floor types, from smooth surfaces to textured or grouted floors.

Operator Control

With a walk behind scrubber dryer, the operator has more direct control over the cleaning process. This allows for a more hands-on approach to cleaning and precision in targeting specific areas that may require extra attention.

Smaller Footprint

For businesses with limited storage space, walk behind scrubbers are the perfect solution because they take up less space, making them easier to store when not in use.

The Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Efficiency and Speed

A ride on scrubber is designed for larger facilities and open spaces. This model covers a significantly larger area in a shorter amount of time compared to walk behind machines. If your facility has a substantial square footage to clean regularly, a ride on scrubber can significantly improve efficiency.

Reduced Operator Fatigue

Since operators can sit or stand on ride on scrubbers, they experience less physical strain and fatigue during extended cleaning tasks. 

Greater Water and Solution Capacity

A ride on scrubber typically has a larger tank for clean water and cleaning solution, which means it can clean for longer periods without the need for frequent refills. This feature is especially beneficial for large-scale facilities, such as warehouses and factories.

Enhanced Cleaning Power

Ride on scrubber dryers are equipped with more powerful motors and larger scrubbing brushes, resulting in a deeper and more thorough clean. They are particularly well-suited for heavy-duty cleaning tasks and the removal of tough stains and grime.

Longer Battery Life

Many of our ride on scrubbers come with larger and more powerful batteries that can sustain longer cleaning sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharging or battery changes.

Choosing the Right Scrubber Dryer for Your Facility

When determining whether a walk behind or ride on scrubber is best for your facility, consider the following factors:

Facility Size – Walk behind scrubbers are suitable for smaller to medium-sized facilities, while ride on scrubbers are ideal for large facilities.

Floor Type – The type of flooring in your facility also plays a role. Walk behind scrubbers may be better for more delicate floors, while ride on scrubbers are capable of handling tougher cleaning tasks.

Budget – Your budget constraints will influence your decision. Walk behind scrubbers are generally more cost-effective, while ride-on scrubbers come at a higher initial investment.

Operator Comfort – Consider the well-being of your cleaning staff. A ride on scrubber reduces operator fatigue, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and efficiency.

Whether you choose a walk behind or ride on scrubber, both machines can significantly improve the cleanliness and safety of your floors, contributing to a more productive and safer working environment.

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