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Deep Cleaning a Factory or Warehouse Floor

Over the past few months, many facilities and company warehouse up and down the country have ceased operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting government restrictions.

With the government recovery plan in place, bit by bit some warehouses and factories that fall into “non-essential” will start to reopen.

With this in mind, employers will want to make sure that their facilities are clean to ensure staff safety and to help reduce the risk of infection. Some facilities could have been left closed for a while and over time, general dust and dirt could have built up.

Before anyone can return to work in your facility you should undertake a full warehouse or factory deep clean to fully clean the premise from head to toe.

One of the troublesome areas that always needs cleaning is your floor. Depending on the size of your warehouse, you could have a very large area to cover with very little time to get it all cleaned. The last thing you want to do is to have to clean the floor by hand with a mop and bucket. This isn’t very efficient, doesn’t do a good job and is counterproductive, spreading dirty water around the floor. Industrial floor scrubber dryers keep the clean and recovery water separate, ensuring a far better level of cleaning and better-finished look.

Regardless of the size of your facility or location, the best solution available is to hire a warehouse floor scrubber and sweeper from SRS.

Our floor cleaning machines are designed to handle thick dust and debris over a large surface area. Scrubber and sweepers are fast and due to their size, offer amazing manoeuvrability, giving you the ability to dry sweep dust or scrub, clean and dry the floor in one pass.

We are sure to have a sweeper or scrubber dryer in stock to meet your needs. Whatever your requirements for a warehouse cleaning machine, we are confident that we have the right machine for you.

SRS has a robust fleet of walk-behind and ride-on cleaning machines available to hire with next day delivery and operator familiarisation available on all models.

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