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The Importance of Keeping Warehouses Clean

Now more than ever, it has never been more important to keep your warehouse clean. With a large proportion of warehouses remaining open during the Covid-19 pandemic, supplying essential food and medicine to retailers, they will require a higher level of cleanliness.

Keeping on top of the cleaning of your facility or warehouse should be the utmost priority at the moment. As some non-essential workers have been told to stay home, how can you keep up with the daily cleaning needs your warehouse needs, exceptionally high-volume areas such as the floor?

Keeping your warehouse floor clean is a big task on its own, regardless of the circumstances, however, utilising a small ride-on sweeper can help.

The benefits of using a small ride-on sweeper to clean your warehouse floor:

  1. Increased manoeuvrability allows for cleaning where tight spaces needed to be swept, perfect for narrow aisleways
  2. Small ride-on sweepers, while smaller than some other models can still handle heavy-duty cleaning operations and demanding worksite or warehouses
  3. Battery-powered machines allow real freedom when cleaning, no cables or wires, or other methods of power needed
  4. They are perfect for locations with loose dust and debris; especially for warehouse cleaning
  5. Our small ride-on sweepers can clean around 80,000 sq. ft per hour
  6. Some models can also be utilised for outside cleaning

Don’t worry if you’ve not got the budget to invest in purchasing a small ride-on sweeper. SRS have you covered. Our ride-on sweeper machines are available to hire for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. We have a robust fleet of ride-on sweepers available to hire with next day delivery available on some models.

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