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We Are Accredited Members of Road Haulage Association

At SRS Cleaning Equipment we are members of many accredited organisations in the industry to provide our customers with plenty of confidence in using our services and industrial cleaning equipment to aid their business. 

We have been an accredited member of The Road Haulage Association (RHA) for many years; the UK’s only trade body dedicated solely to the operators of commercial vehicles including trucks, coaches and vans. 

Established in 1945 with over 8,500 members, RHS does a great job of keeping us up to date on a range of subjects, from speed limits and roadside facilities to issues surrounding cross border traffic.

They work closely with the Government, local authorities and their agencies in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast to ensure members’ voices are heard on national issues as well as local roads policy. 

In an industry, which is governed by a complex array of rules and regulations, ensuring our road haulage operation can sometimes be daunting but we have regular support from the team at RHS to ensure we always comply.

They also provide us with industry news, views and developments and as a member we receive support and services as well as preferential rates to help us run our business.

We can rest assured that the team of road transport experts at RHS are always on hand to guide, support and assist members with any concerns or queries we may have to ensure that nothing affects the day to day running of our business.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we supply warehouses, factories, and construction sites throughout the UK with heavy-duty ride-on sweepers and scrubbers through our short term and long term (Flexi-Hire) fleet.

Whether it is an emergency ‘spot hire’ you require or if you have a more permanent requirement, we have the machine range, experience and extensive hire fleet to assist your business. 

For more information give us a call on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

CALL US TODAY ON 0330 678 11 22