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Why Use an Industrial Ride-on Floor Sweeper?

Industrial ride-on floor sweepers from SRS Cleaning Equipment are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, to help the operator quickly clean large areas with minimal effort. Industrial floor sweeper hire machines from SRS are capable of removing all kinds of dust and debris from a variety of working environments, and SRS’s hire machines are a reliable and cost-effective way of maintaining your facility.

Using a ride-on floor sweeper reduces the time required to clean large areas and is far more efficient and safe than the old method of hand sweeping with a broom!.

What benefits does an industrial ride-on floor sweeper offer you?

  • You are able to sweep and contain fine dust and debris from a very large area in an efficient manner and in a very quick time.
  • The amount of dust released into the air is greatly reduced when compared to standard sweeping methods.
  • You will save time on cleaning when compared to more operator intensive methods such as a hand broom, dust-pan and brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Increased productivity and runtime thanks to various power options available including LPG, diesel or a large battery pack.
  • Larger ride-on sweepers have a wider cleaning width and big waste containers to ensure the operator can continue using the sweeper for a long period of time.
  • Complete cleaning tasks in shorter periods, saving man-hours or freeing up labour for other cleaning projects on site.
  • The process of using one of our ride on industrial sweepers for hire is much more efficient than your regular broom. Using a broom or mop and bucket does not collect all the dust and dirt whereas using a ride-on floor sweeper accumulates everything in one single swipe.
  • Ride-on industrial sweepers are effective, durable, easy to manoeuvre and suitable for a variety of applications, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution facilities and construction sites.
  • You can hire a ride-on sweeper from SRS for periods of 1 week to 5 years. Ideal for covering one-off deep cleans or ongoing cleaning/dust control on site. 

For additional information on how an industrial ride-on floor sweeper can benefit you and your business, or to make an enquiry about one of our fantastic machines, contact SRS on 03306 781 122. Alternatively, you can also request a call back using the button at the top of the page or use our online contact form.

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