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800E Pedestrian Factory Sweeper

If you are currently looking for a hassle-free, manoeuvrable and efficient industrial factory sweeper to keep your working environment clean, you may find the 800E Pedestrian Sweeper is just what you need.  Also known as a ‘walk-behind’ sweeper, using this cleaner couldn’t be easier as you simply follow it along letting the heavy duty sweeping mechanism clean up everything that lays before it.

A factory sweeper couldn’t be simpler

This factory sweeper is battery powered, and can be charged with either a 110 volt or 240 volt charger meaning that once it is fully charged, you will be able to clean a small to medium-size working area without having to worry about running out of juice. The 800E uses two 25 litre hoppers which collect any dust and debris from the top down meaning that they can be filled right to the top, and then easily extracted from the back and emptied. This means that you can go longer without emptying the machine, making the whole process more efficient.

Solving the dust problem

Dust in any working environment is not only messy and difficult to keep on top of, but it is also potentially bad for your staff’s health. Breathing in dust all day is not good for anyone, especially when working a five day week. Industrial sweepers such as the 800E use specialised dust filters which trap all of the dust in the machine, stopping it from escaping back into the atmosphere. Even better, this sweeper has a ‘filter shaker device, which means that the filter does not become clogged up and inefficient as you use it. There is also a large debris flap so you can cope with larger rubbish.

Durability and versatility of a factory sweeper

With its 670 mm sweeping path and a 50 litre total hopper capacity, the 800E is ideal for many different work environments, such as warehouses, factories, construction sites and small to medium-sized car parks. Despite being easy to use and highly manoeuvrable, this factory sweeper is made with a robust, steel frame construction and designed to be extremely durable and reliable. Whether you hire or purchase the sweeper, machine familiarisation is provided meaning you can start using the sweeper to its full potential as soon as possible.

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