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Tips For Buying A Second Hand Warehouse Floor Cleaner

A fully refurbished or second hand warehouse floor cleaner can be a great option when you are looking to purchase an industrial floor cleaning machine on a budget but what should be the main factors when choosing a machine and supplier?

Usage and application – If the warehouse floor cleaner is going to be heavily used or working in a heavy application you need to make sure you source a machine that is up to the task. Certain brands and models may be fine for a cleaning up a sports hall or school corridors but put those same machines into a busy warehouse or large manufacturing facility and they will struggle to cope. This will cause downtime and ultimately a lack of confidence in the machine by the operator as they will feel they have not been provided the right tool for the job.

Delivery – Check that the supplier has the facility to provide warehouse floor cleaner familiarisation on delivery and ongoing support throughout the life of the machine. Cleaning equipment will not perform very well if it is not operated correctly or the basic operator checks and clean downs are not carried out.

After sales support – A big question to ask is  can the supplier support you with service and spares for the long term. Ideally you need to look for a distributor who has long term experience with that particular brand of machine and is not just selling a ‘cheap part exchange model’ as spares will start to become harder and more expensive for you to source. It’s easy for a company to sell a machine cheap online or from an auction site but what support do they have in place when things go wrong or the machine need repairing?

Condition –  Definitions of ‘good condition’ can vary greatly between different companies. Ask for pictures of the machine or ideally a demonstration and check what is actually done to the machine prior to sale. With a battery pack for the industrial machines ranging from £400.00 -£2000.00 it is important to know if it is a new or old set of batteries being fitted to the machine you are buying.

Why choose SRS for your refurbished machine purchase? –  We specialise in industrial machines for heavy duty applications and any equipment we supply is provided with machine familiarisation and check sheets. You have complete peace of mind as we offer nationwide support using our own Safe Contractor approved engineers and have been established for over 35 years. All of our fully refurbished machines are completely stripped down, re-built, re-sprayed and fitted with new batteries and brushes. In fact, we have a loyal base of customers and great demand for our fully refurbished machines sweepers and scrubber dryers!

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