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Battery Powered Floor Cleaners

Why are battery-powered floor cleaners recommended compared to the more traditional petrol, diesel or LPG gas-operated cleaning machines, and what are the benefits?

Due to the increasing demand of reducing emissions throughout a majority of leading manufacturers, more and more people are looking at using battery power as an alternative to petrol or diesel for a variety of machines, including the machines used to clean floors.

When it comes to using small battery-powered floor cleaning machines in preference to cable powered sweepers and scrubbers there are certain benefits which come with the choice to go battery. In this case, the major benefit to choosing a battery-powered floor cleaning machine is reducing the risk of trips and falls, thanks to the elimination of any trailing cables or leads to cause hazards in the workplace.

But trailing cables aren’t the only thing which is eliminated with the choice of a battery-powered ride-on or pedestrian cleaning machine. Compared to engine powered floor cleaners these machines are also brilliant for reducing and managing the amount of noise created, for both the protection of the person operating the machine as well as other workers and customers or members of the public. Ideal for people working in the construction, manufacturing and warehouse and distribution facilities there has been a big increase in customers asking to hire battery powered floor cleaners over the engine powered alternatives.

All battery-powered machines from SRS are optimised and built to guarantee durability and ease of use. Take a look at the Large ride-on battery-powered scrubber dryer for example. This machine is one of our most popular for a variety of applications thanks to its incredible manoeuvrability, allowing the machine to manoeuvre smoothly through and around tight spaces.

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