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Construction Site Floors Cleaning Tips

Undoubtedly one of the most hard-to-maintain working environments, construction sites can be a pain to keep tidy especially if the only thing you have to help you is a dustpan and brush. With dust and debris being a common cause of disturbance in a construction environment it can be an important job to keep the floors swept and scrubbed to improve worker efficiency and overall safety.

But where do you start and what are the best methods for maintaining a clean construction site? Well apart from going down the route of the classic sweeping broom one of the best solutions to helping you maintain a clean environment is an industrial ride-on sweeper/scrubber. Quicker and far more effective than your everyday broom an industrial cleaning machine for construction sites is designed for speed, efficiency and excellent manoeuvrability.

Take the small ride-on sweeper for example. Built to be incredibly compact this ride-on sweeper is equipped with an impressive 46-inch wide sweeping path which consists of two effective circular brooms and also includes a wet sweep bypass as standard. Built for use in tough applications the heavy-duty Rider 1201 sweeper features a resilient, impact resistant and scratch proof body fitted with steel bumper protection kit. Ideal for construction sites this machine is capable of picking up everything from fine dirt and dust to larger pieces of debris including metals and wood parts, screws, nails and much more, all capable of being collected and stored within the machines 85-litre container. The ‘Easy Empty’ hopper insert trays make disposal of the swept-up debris simple and safe. 

Available in convenient battery-power and supplied with a 110v or 240-volt charger this electric sit on sweeper provides a long run time offering improved productivity and a reduced amount of noise while operating so you can maintain a clean construction site without creating more noise. As an added bonus all of our small ride-on sweeper hire units are fitted with the vacuum wander hose kit for cleaning corners, along barriers and any other hard to reach areas.

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