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Ride-On Floor Cleaners – Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes it can be difficult to validate why a ride on cleaning machine is perfect for you when choosing between an industrial ride on and walk behind the cleaning machine. So don’t make a decision without knowing all of the details! Here’s everything you need to know about ride-on floor cleaners and why they might be a better option for you compared to most walk-behind cleaners.

All Shapes & Sizes

Ride-on sweeper and ride-on scrubber machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for a range of facilities. From small and agile ride-on sweeper and scrubber dryers to heavy-duty and highly effective large ride-on cleaning machines, there’s so many options to choose from to make sure you get the perfect machine that meets your needs and requirements.

Especially for those facilities with large areas of floor space, ride-on machines are the go-to choice when it comes to sites with open spaces or wide areas such as freshly laid slabs, warehouse and car park floors. This is simply thanks to their ease of use and speed of operation and productivity levels.

Operator Advantages

With the process of cleaning large areas being very tedious and time-consuming when using a walk-behind cleaning machine or more traditional mop and bucket, ride-on floor cleaners are the ideal solution. Providing wider cleaning paths and the ability to sweep and scrub in one pass, these machines are designed to provide efficient cleaning to a range of flooring.

When using an industrial floor sweeper or heavy-duty floor scrubber, operators are guaranteed to feel more productive thanks to the low amount of effort they take to use and the vastly improved end result. With most ride-on machines being equipped with heavy-duty cleaning brushes, large solutions tanks for continuous use, high spec battery or engine-powered systems and incredible manoeuvrability you’ll find the perfect cleaning machine for you from the amazing team at SRS Cleaning Equipment.

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