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Cleaning Large Floor Areas

If you have a large floor area to keep clean it is important to consider what size of the machine is going to be the most productive. The reason to get an automated answer to your floor cleaning problems is to cut down time and effort for your cleaning team, so you need to assess your needs carefully. We have flexible hire periods available though, so you can try out a machine first to see if you have the right one – from one week to five years (which will include full maintenance and machine familiarisation). Our flexible approach means we can work to your budget and advise on the most suitable machine for your application.

Just like a new machine, all the time

When you hire a large sweeper, whether battery, LPG or diesel, you will have it swapped for a newly-serviced one every once in a while, so you never get an old and tired machine to struggle with. It isn’t worth getting something not really equipped for the size of your premises and our leader of the pack, the Commander T82 can sweep and scrub everything from a car park to a factory or warehouse in just one pass. If you only need scrubbing or only need sweeping, it is still worthwhile to go for the bigger machines if your space allows but should you need to downsize or change the type of machine you are utilising there is the benefit of no tie in’s or termination fees with our casual hire arrangement on all our industrial sweepers and scrubber dryers.

Big, but very user-friendly

We provide machine familiarisation on all our machinery to ensure the operators are comfortable with using the bigger rider on sweeper/scrubber dryers.  Even the mighty Commander T82, which is the largest combination sweeper scrubber dryer in our range is simple and straightforward to operate and not only is your entire floor area kept clean, you save loads of time as well. Keeping floors safe is no longer just a cosmetic issue either. You need to make sure that there is absolutely no risk of anyone slipping, tripping or hurting themselves in any way that can be construed as your fault. With all rubbish swept and all floors dry in minutes, a large ride-on sweeper/scrubber dryer can give you peace of mind, inside and out.

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