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Scrubmaster B310 – Large Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

The B310 is a large ride-on, battery-powered scrubber dryer with a debris catch tray. Ideal for cleaning large floor areas. Twin vacuum motors and powerful cleaning performance from the 2 cylindrical scrub brushes ensure floors are left clean and dry. Highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate. Ergonomic driver’s seat and controls. ‘Scrubmaster’ feature is used to start the machine at the touch of a button. Twin side brushed for sweeping/scrubbing along walls and racking. Large, traction battery pack for increased run-time and productivity!

Along with its excellent design, this model also offers some excellent extra features including a debris catch tray to avoid squeegee blockages, a chemical dosing system and a heavy-duty stainless steel scrub deck and squeegee assembly. Changing or maintaining the brush system is easy, with a quick release and reconnection design and the adjustable brush pressure means that you can clean any floor and any level of dirt and staining. With the Eureka E110, you don’t end up wasting precious time constantly refilling the solution tank because the high capacity means it can do large jobs with no interruptions. Its great suction power means floors are dry almost at once – a great safety feature in busy areas. The cleaning solution is adjustable for different levels of grime, and also works automatically relating to the speed of the machine. The recovery tank is very easy to clean – this is often a featured manufacturer forget, but not on the Eureka E110.

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