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Cleaning Machines 101: The Right Machine For You

When it comes down to picking a cleaning machine, you first need to evaluate what exactly it is you need the machine to achieve.

Scrubbers Vs. Sweepers… What’s the difference?

Scrubber dryers (both pedestrian and ride on) are used for settings where the floor needs to be scrubbed clean and left sanitary and dry, such as the hospitality sector or food industries, to name just a few. Scrubber dryers are fitted with scrub brushes or abrasive pads which agitate and clean the floor using water and degreasers or cleaning solution. Industrial Sweepers are mainly used for loose dust and debris, so are perfect for warehouse settings.

Indoor Cleaning Vs. Outdoor Use

All of our small to medium scrubber dryers are for indoor use, as are most of our sweepers. However, the B980 and SW9XR Armadillo can be used to clean indoors and also for outdoor cleaning. Our larger combination models can be utilised indoors such as in large distribution centres, but are also perfect for outdoors, such as multi-storey car parks.

Our Machines:

NSS Wrangler 2625: Pedestrian Floor Scrubber Dryer
The Wrangler 2625 is best suited for small to medium-sized spaces, where you need an industrial yet manoeuvrable machine. This machine is perfect for food warehouses and factories or hospitals where sanitation is key, and smaller settings such as retail or factory walkways. The Scrubber Dryer does what it says on the tin and scrubs floors until they’re sparkling, and also dries up afterwards to avoid any unsightly water stains or health and safety hazards!

NSS Wrangler 3330: Large Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer
The ‘big brother’ of 2625, the NSS Wrangler 3330 is better suited to larger factories and open areas where a pedestrian model is preferred over a ride-on machine. This machine has an extended battery runtime and heavy-duty brush pressure, making it perfect for ‘diamond polishing’ floors in real times of need!

NSS Champ ZS29 & ZS35: Small/Medium Ride-on Scrubber Dryers
These models are best placed in medium-size factory, manufacturing and logistics applications, and they are perfect for cleaning up general mucky marks, fork truck tyre marks and for keeping ‘goods inwards’ areas clean and safe for fork trucks.

Eureka E110: Large Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer
This is really our 2-in-1, something for every one machine! The Eureka E110 comes with a debris catch tray and a chemical dosing system. This machine is perfect for vast factories which need to scrub the floor clean and shiny, but also may have small amounts of debris to contend with such as shards of pallet, nuts and bolts and screws!

Hamster 800E: Pedestrian Sweeper
The Hamster 800E is most commonly used at construction sites where staff want to eliminate hand sweeping to save time. This machine is perfect to sweep fine dust and small debris.

Rider 1201 – B980 and Magnum Ride-on Sweepers
This range of sweepers are best for medium to large warehouses and are hugely effective at the removal of debris and fine dust. We’ve learned that this machine is perfect for warehouses/ logistic applications where there are rows after rows of long aisles that need sweeping, which would take up valuable work time if it was to be completed by hand. A larger sweeper means that there is a wider sweep path, larger dirt hopper and longer battery runtime.

SW9XR Armadillo: Very Large LPG/ Diesel Powered Sweeper
Perfect for large and very dusty sites, the SW9XR are most commonly used on large warehouse builds for construction cleaning, so that work sites are kept as clean and dust-free as possible throughout the process. Multitalented, this machine is also great for car parks and is both an indoor and outdoor machine.

Commander C82 and T82: Large LPG/ Diesel Powered Combination Machines
The Commanders are combination machines meaning that they can both sweep and scrub floors. These machines are frequently sought after by cleaning contractors at the end of a project when a new facility is being handed over to the client from the building contractor.

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