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Sourcing Capital Cleaning Equipment In An Uncertain Economy

With the changes that have been proposed for our economy following the results of the recent referendum, there is an undeniable air of uncertainty looming. We are already hearing about projects and investments being put on hold, until there is a clearer picture of how exiting the European Union will affect the UK economy.

However, not all will be brought to a standstill in the business world – cogs are still turning, businesses are still running and environments still need cleaning; in the current state of events we believe that our casual cleaning equipment hire option will be the best option for the majority of people, as it’s a much more flexible and affordable alternative to purchasing equipment outright.

Here are nine benefits to hiring cleaning equipment in the current economy:

1. We’re able to offer you the option to hire the machinery for just a specific product, and return when you are finished the task.

2. As part of the agreement with the supplier, if the cleaning machine unfortunately breaks beyond repair, they will source a replacement for you as quickly as possible to avoid any holdups for the company.

3. Should you decide to downgrade your business, or the machine hired is no longer getting as much use as initially anticipated, it’s a simple process to easily ‘off hire’ the equipment without notice.

4. Your long term plan may be to purchase, which on the whole we do believe is the better option as then you have your machine on hand at all times which can save a huge amount of time and effort. However, with the recent events affecting the economy we fully understand that for now hiring may well be the best option. Long term, hiring equipment is a brilliant way to evaluate a machine on site to determine how much use you would get out of it and how effective it would be for your workspace, before buying one for yourself.

5. Upgrades are always accommodated for – if our machinery or technology is updated and renewed and you’re interested in testing out the newer model, you may upgrade your machine, allowing you to keep your cleaning machine up to date for usually no (or at the very most – minimal!) extra cost.

6. Our rates aren’t just for the machine alone. We want to make sure that you are fully comfortable using the machine and you have been fully cared for before we leave the machine in your capable hands. Our rates include delivery cost, installation and machine familiarisation and servicing.

7. If any mishaps happen and you require a replacement machine, this will be provided to you at lightning speed to minimise any downtime on site.

8. Hiring from us, there’s no need to raise capital expenditure to be tied into long term contracts or lease agreements.

9. We allow as much flexibility as possible to up or downgrade equipment during your hire period, as we understand there may be site changes which need to be accommodated for – we’ll always do our best to meet your requirements exactly.

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