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A Clean Sweep For The Falkland Islands

From our UK location, SRS Cleaning Equipment can be asked to ship models to faraway places – even those that are more difficult to reach. One of the latest examples came when we sent cleaning equipment all the way to the Falkland Islands. Just below is a recap of the story.

Rapid Assistance

Back in April, we responded to the initial query by providing prices and specifications on two of our cleaning units. After helping the customer select the ideal model for their needs and budget, we gave them a quote inside of 20 minutes and they decided to place their order. To transport the equipment, the SRS team liaised with the customer’s shipping agent in Southampton. Having completed the purchase, it turned out the agent would be making its next shipment to the Falklands in three days.

Quality Control

With three days until transit, we decided to make the best use of the time by performing in-depth testing on the cleaning machines. This was done in a 24-hour period to ensure everything was working at peak efficiency. After completing the process, we carefully repackaged the machines for collection by the shipping agent.

Two days later, the shipment began towards the Falklands, where it was completed at the customer’s Stanley-based facility. Ultimately, the process took a sailing time of approximately three to four weeks to reach the final destination.

New customer

The customer that made the purchase was an offshore and onshore provider of shipping services, covering the likes of vessel management and logistics. Among their key clients are the UK Ministry of Defence and the Governments of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

They are now the owner of two brand new Rider 1201 sweepers that will be used to support their cleaning efforts. The company has an array of warehouses and logistical units with significant ground space. Driving the purchase was a need to minimise dust and debris in a more efficient way.

The Rider 1201

The Rider 1201 was sold with full specifications to our client. These included a heavy-duty steel protection kit to minimise damage, easy-empty hopper trays and vacuum attachments. Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, all of those features are included as standard in new and hire models alike.

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