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Construction Plant-Hire Association

There are so many initials and acronyms around these days that we would not be surprised if you didn’t immediately recognise these – CPA. It stands for Construction Plant-hire Association and SRS are proud to be a member. The CPA is the leading trade association involved in plant hire in the UK and their members supply 85% of all plant currently hired. It has been in existence for over 70 years and is run by its members, for the benefit of the whole industry.

It’s how SRS keeps up to date

Obviously, it is essential to keep up to date with the rules and regulations covering the supply of hire equipment and being a member of the CPA makes this easy. All of our hire terms and conditions are those recommended by the CPA so you know that if you hire from SRS you are dealing with the industry standard. This protects us and you – there are many things to consider when deciding to hire and, although you will read the conditions carefully as you always should, you will know there will be no ‘small print surprises’ with SRS.

Health and safety updates

The HSE (yet more initials – these stand for the Health and Safety Executive) are always changing their regulations and keeping up can be an absolute minefield. Being a member of the CPA means that SRS are always kept abreast of changes. Having regular updates of any changes relevant to the industry saves us having to trawl through reams of paper that probably don’t apply to our business – and as everyone knows, the more there is to absorb, the less likely it is that the right bits filter through. The COSHH (yes, more letters – this time the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) guidelines also apply to some of our consumables and we make sure that we cascade all our new updates from the CPA to our hirers and buyers as soon as we receive them.

Customer confidence is high

Customers like to know that we are up to date not only on legislation regarding the hire of plant but also any new standards which are coming on-line. Working alone, these standards can be kept up, of course, but SRS feel that as a member of the CPA we can spend more time looking after our customers, while CPA helps us keep up to speed.

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