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Large Industrial Floor Scrubber

If you run or maintain a warehouse, a car park, a bus depot or anywhere with large floor space, you may struggle to keep things clean and tidy. Whether your floor has to be squeaky clean or simply clear of large rubble and rubbish – essentially the difference between a retail area and a construction site – you would really benefit from a large walk-behind industrial floor scrubber-dryer. Not all machines of this type can deal with both situations, but the Wrangler 3330 can do both, delivering diamond polishing when required.

It’s hard to believe it, but it can do both

SRS has a large fleet of Wrangler 3330s available to hire from periods of 1 week anywhere in the UK. If you are not sure how long a particular job will be in process, you can also arrange rolling casual hire of a Wrangler 3330 from periods of 1 month to a year. When you hire from us you won’t have to worry about anything because we check before sending it out, maintain while it is in the field and also make sure that all staff are made familiar with the operation and day-to-day maintenance of the large walk-behind industrial floor scrubber-dryer you choose when it is delivered. And if you fall in love with your Wrangler 3330 – and you will! – we have both new and fully refurbished ex-hire models available to buy.

Brushes and pads to suit all needs

The Wrangler 3330 has been cleverly designed to suit almost any job and if you have an environment with both indoor and outdoor cleaning needs – for example, a large retail situation with an attached car park – buying or hiring one of these fabulous large walk-behind industrial floor scrubber-dryers will be perfect, because by changing the pads and brushes you can use it everywhere. One of its specialities is the removal of surface water in warehouse and factory ‘Goods Inwards’ areas or pedestrian walkways and aisles, a vital health and safety measure, as everyone knows.

Rugged and reliable

The heavy-duty build of the Wrangler 3330 makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a machine that will last years, but the low running costs are the icing on the cake. The large battery pack means long run-time and the plug-and-go onboard battery charger means it can be recharged anywhere on site.

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