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Essential Things You Should Know About Scrubber Dryers

Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we understand that keeping your facilities clean and dry is crucial to improving health and safety at work and productivity levels. That’s when you might like to consider ride on scrubber dryers for hire or purchase.

It’s so easy for dust, bacteria, and chemical residues to build up during everyday operations. Therefore, high-quality industrial cleaning equipment is essential, but it’s all about making the right choice. 

Scrubber dryers are designed with a mechanically driven brush to clean dirt away with the help of a chemical solution. The cleaning solution and water is dispensed from a tank, then the residue is collected by a squeegee system and vacuumed into another tank to be disposed of later. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing or hiring a scrubber dryer to clean your commercial property, here are some things you might want to consider first.

There are two types of scrubber dryers: Ride on and pedestrian

Depending on your individual needs, you’ll want either a ride on or pedestrian scrubber dryer. One of the biggest things to note is that the price difference between the two isn’t huge because new and improved small ride on scrubbers are available. 

If you only have a small area to clean, pedestrian scrubber dryers are perfect for the job. With pedestrian equipment, they’re easy to manoeuvre into small spaces to make sure every bit of dirty liquid is collected. The average run time for pedestrian scrubber dryers is around 4 hours.

Ride on scrubbers are better suited for cleaning more extensive areas, such as large car parks or warehouses. The ride-on versions generally operate for around 4-6 hours before they need recharging. 

What’s the difference between a cylindrical and disc scrubber dryer?

Due to their two fitted rotating brushes, cylindrical dryers are excellent at tackling rougher surfaces and ingrained dirt. They also have a built-in debris catch tray that sweeps the debris up whilst scrubbing, avoiding blockages in the suction bar.  

However, disc machines are more versatile because you can change the cleaning brush or pad to suit different floor types. If you have several different surface types that need cleaning, this option is great for switching it up. 

Regular machine maintenance is required

Like most things, if not appropriately maintained, scrubber dryers can break down and experience problems. We recommend having your machine serviced by a professional service engineer. 

New Technology 

With technology in the cleaning industry always evolving it might be beneficial to hire a scrubber dryer. With our rolling Flexi hire format, you can upgrade or change the model you have on-site at any stage, ensuring you always have a reliable and up to date machine to utilise.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment, we have a whole range of heavy-duty scrubber dryers available for hire. Be sure to take a look at all the ride on and pedestrian warehouse cleaning machines we have available. Not sure which machine is suitable for you or simply want to get in touch with us for more information? Give us a call on 0330 678 11 22 and we’ll get you set up with one of our cleaning machine experts who will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected].

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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