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How To Effectively Clean Your Factory Floors

In terms of in-house productivity and adhering to site safety standards and regulations, maintaining a clean factory floor is essential. Some factory floors areas are quite large and without having an initial plan in place can be impossible to maintain. When tasked with cleaning a factory floor, whether for a one-off deep clean or as an ongoing cleaning procedure there are a few things you will need to consider.

Factory Floor Cleaning Plan

Deciding on the best method of cleaning your factory floor can be dependent upon the level of dust or dirt you generate and whether the requirement is just to sweep up the loose dust and debris or to actually wet, scrub and dry the floor. Timber mills and plasterboard factories are good examples of where only a walk-behind or ride-on sweeper is required whereas in a food processing factory it is more likely a heavy-duty scrubber dryer or combination sweeper scrubber dryer would be needed. Before you start cleaning it is important to make sure that the main areas to be cleaned are free from any large debris such as boxes, pallets and machinery. Once a cleaning procedure and process is established it is vital to ensure you have the operators trained to use the equipment in the correct way and a service plan in place with the supplier to maintain optimal performance.

Choosing the Right Industrial Cleaning Machine

This is probably the most important decision when it comes to effectively cleaning your factory floors.

SRS Cleaning Equipment provides a large range of industrial floor cleaning machines from walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers suitable for use in smaller areas up to their ride-on counterparts, capable of sweeping and scrubbing very large sites. The team at SRS can offer machine advice as well as instant quotes for spot hire, rolling hire and purchase on a full range of heavy-duty models. All the machines on the website are in stock and available for delivery within 24 hours, to anywhere in the country.

Whatever your requirements are for a factory or warehouse floor cleaning machine, we are confident that we have the right machine for you. Contact us today for more information.

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