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Ride-On Sweeper vs Scrubber Hire

The team at SRS Cleaning Equipment have specialised in providing high-quality industrial floor cleaning solutions to customers across the nation for over 40 years. By supplying and supporting a wide variety of both small and large floor cleaning machines throughout the UK, we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the perfect industrial cleaning machines to meet their needs through sweeper or scrubber hire. We are more than confident in our ability to help you establish the ideal floor cleaner for your application thanks to an experienced and dedicated team.

However, what are some of the key issues to consider when trying to find the ideal industrial cleaning machine for you?

Sweeper vs Scrubber

If you’re planning on taking a step away from the more traditional mop and bucket and are looking to invest in a more efficient industrial floor cleaning machine to help you achieve your cleaning goals, one of the main things you need to consider is what sort of machine is best for you. The 2 main types of machines are Scrubber dryers and Sweepers.

Sweeper Hire

Floor sweepers are a very good alternative to manual broom sweeping. Perfect for any large working environments and ideal for dust and debris removal, these machines can range from small battery-powered walk-behind models to much larger industrial LPG and diesel ride-on sweepers and all come with heavy-duty dust extraction capabilities.

Rotating brushes on the industrial sweeper machines combined with high level dust filters  are used to efficiently sweep any dirt off the floor and dispose of it into a built-in hopper for easy emptying. These heavy duty sweeping machines are suitable for a variety of applications including distribution centres and factory floors. They easily cover large areas to help your business minimise cleaning time and enhance working conditions.

Scrubber Hire

Similar to those used on industrial sweeper machines, industrial floor scrubbers also use brushes however these are used to agitate cleaning solution into the floor to remove any present dirt or grime. Any remaining cleaning solution or residue that is left on the floor from the front brushes is then collected by a vacuum and squeegee system at the rear of the machine for later disposal, resulting in a squeaky clean and dry floor almost instantly.

When dealing with ingrained grime, compacted dirt, fork truck rubber marks or oily substances, scrubber dryers are really the only machine for the job. With a wide range of machines ready to be dispatched for emergency sweeper or scrubber hire, rolling hire or purchase, our industrial scrubber dryers range from a walk-behind to a ride on and are ideal for cleaning large factories, car park cleaning or maintaining floors in production facilities.

Get in touch with our team for assistance in picking the perfect industrial sweeper or scrubber dryer for your premises.

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