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Floor Cleaning Equipment

When you compare mechanical scrubbing against hand mopping a floor it becomes quickly evident that using a scrubber dryer is a great way to not only improve the appearance and cleaning standard of the floor but also reduce costs. The average person can mop around 5,000 square feet per hour. This also slows down over time and large areas. A walk small to medium behind a scrubber can clean about 20,000 square feet per hour. A facility of 50,000 square feet would typically have around 25,000 square feet of cleanable area. Some straightforward calculations show that it would take a person 5 hours to clean the area and the scrubber would take about 1.25 hours to clean and leave the floor to a much cleaner and safer standard.

Mopping and sweeping your floor space by hand is inefficient and very time-consuming. An industrial floor scrubber feeds clean water and cleaning fluid constantly onto the floor, using a squeegee to dry the floor as it passes. This drying action cannot be practically achieved by a human and mop alone because the water soon will turn grubby (therefore inefficiently cleaning the floor) and the floor tends to remain wet for a long time before being safe to walk on, meaning that it becomes necessary to put up warning signs or close the area until the floor becomes dry. This method of cleaning is not practical in large and busy areas, so a factory scrubber is the best option by far.

If it’s a floor sweeper you’re in need of, a domestic or small commercial vacuum can be slow and noisy. While these machines can be ideal for offices, they just don’t quite cut it when cleaning warehouses or factories. Industrial Sweeper hire can be much more appropriate for workplaces and outdoor areas as they reduce airborne dust which is detrimental to the health of staff members. A proper sweeper or scrubber keeps floors looking cleaner and therefore more professional; they will also last longer when not always covered with surface dust, debris and ingrained grime.

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