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Scrubbing And Cleaning Warehouse Floors

Leading on from our previous article regarding sweeping warehouse floors, sites such as food store applications, warehouses where spillages could occur or areas where fork trucks are leaving rubber marks or wet floors from the tyres a floor scrubber dryer or combination sweeper/scrubber is usually necessary. Industrial scrubber dryers are fitted with scrub brushes or pads which clean the floor while the squeegee bar at the rear removes the dirty water leaving the floor clean and dry. Sourcing the correct specification machine for your site is very important as some machines in the marketplace are not industrial enough to cope with heavy applications.

We specialise in providing robust, heavy-duty, and industrial specification floor cleaning equipment. This makes our scrubber hire machines ideal for cleaning factories, construction sites, warehouses and other similar applications.

SRS provide an entire range of equipment in varying sizes from ride-on scrubbers to walk-behind floor scrubbers. Having been established in the industry for over 40 years we know that it is impossible for one machine to suit the needs of everybody – even if it is considered the ‘best of the best, or the most powerful. All of the machines that we have available for scrubber hire are easy to use and come with an adjustable pad or brush pressure so whether you hire a small walk-behind scrubber or a large ride-on scrubber our models are designed to leave your floor spotlessly clean, dry and safe.

We have over 35 years of experience in providing heavy-duty equipment through our sales and hire facility and pride ourselves on having a flexible and proactive approach to our customers cleaning equipment requirements. We can provide advice and free site surveys to help you make the correct machine choice so for more information on floor scrubber hire options to contact one of our team on 0330 678 11 22 or [email protected]


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