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Why Should I Hire Floor Cleaning Equipment?

Why Should I Consider Floor Cleaning Machine Hire?

When it comes down to it, hiring a machine allows for flexibility that buying a machine outright may not. For companies with capital to spend and who know exactly what machinery will be required on-site for at least the next 5 years then purchasing a cleaning machine may be the most cost-effective option.

However, for those that need a bit more flexibility, or if you have a very demanding application to clean where a full maintenance programme and machine rotation is required we offer a variety of casual hire options which range from spot hire of 1 week or more to a rolling, long term hire facility that we call SRS Flexi Hire.

Spot Hire

Sometimes disaster strikes, and it’s totally unavoidable: there’s a huge spillage or an unexpected flood – you need to clean up in a hurry. We offer same or next day delivery, on all of our cleaning machines. For those emergency situations, we’ve got your back.

Short to Medium Term Hire

We find that short to medium term hire is sought most often to test a machine or to carry out a periodic clean of facilities. Clients of ours who see a seasonal increase tend to prefer this option, as we’re able to provide you with machinery purely for when you need it (shopping centres in late December for example, when there is more customer footfall and car parks are dirtier due to the weather conditions).

SRS Flexi Hire

With our casual SRS Flexi hire option, there’s no contract to sign because we understand that you won’t always need the exact same machine on-site at all times. We offer this rolling hire arrangement based on a longer-term hire requirement in mind (usually over 6 months) however, with over 40 years of experience, we understand that site requirements can change, so we make it easy for you to upsize, downsize or de-hire machines at any point without notice or termination costs.

Your required machine will be delivered directly to you by one of our experienced team, fully set up (with the correct brushes fitted) and we’ll provide you with machine familiarisation.

With a Flexi floor cleaning machine hire plan, the weekly rate includes regular servicing, all callouts, parts and labour. To minimise any downtime on-site, if you do need a replacement machine at any point, we’re more than happy to supply this as soon as possible. At no stage in the process will we charge you fees, penalties or termination costs if you decide you need to de-hire your machine or change your equipment.

Why is hiring the better option for me?

If you choose to hire your machine rather than purchase outright, you are able to hire a machine just for a specific task, with no ties to a contract, which you can return once it’s no longer needed. If your business size changes, if your plans change, or if your need for a machine changes, the process to ‘off hire’ is simple and easy, without the need for a notice period.

In terms of support and minimising downtime, if your machine unexpectedly (and unfortunately!) breaks and our field engineer can’t fix your machine on-site we’ll replace it with a like-for-like model. Obviously, with hiring a machine, our rates exclude negligent damage and replacement consumables, but providing the machine is taken care of any additional costs will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Even if you are ideally looking to buy a new or refurbished floor cleaning machine, you could initially hire one as it allows you to fully evaluate and test the machine in your own environment.

Hiring can often be the most effective option as you can also keep up with new technology as it enters the market place and you are not left with an older, less effective and temperamental machine not getting used. Hiring cleaning machines ensures you always have the best machine on-site that matches your current requirements, and there’s no need to raise capital expenditure or be tied into long term contracts or lease agreements.

SRS’ rates don’t just cover the cost of the machine. So that we’re safe in the knowledge that you know how to control and use the machine comfortably and effectively, we provide you with machine familiarisation before we leave the cleaning machine in your capable hands. We offer complete peace of mind as we cover delivery, installation, machine familiarisation and ongoing servicing.

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