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Ride On Floor Cleaner Hire For Your Workspace

Here at SRS Clean, we offer ride on floor cleaner hire and have a whole host of brand new and second-hand cleaning machines designed for all types of floors and for a range of different sized spaces.

While it may seem easy to pick your preferred cleaning machine, it’s important to take the time to think about which machine will be the best for your space, so you receive a machine that meets your needs.

Do you need a machine that’s best suited for a concrete floor in a large space, or a machine perfect for manoeuvring over tiled floors in a small space? We’re going to be going through some of our best sellers and what they’re best suited for, to make sure you get the right machine for you! Remember, we offer our SRS Ride On Floor Cleaner Hire option, so you’re able to test out some of our different cleaning machines before making your long term decision.

Large Area Ride On Floor Cleaner Hire

With a range of second-hand cleaning machines, we may have just what you’re looking for when it comes to clearing a lot of ground.



The Eureka is the biggest electric ride-on sweeper that we have in our range. However, it has a compact design and is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, meaning that it can clean the worst messes with ease. The Eureka is very popular amongst warehouses that are looking to hire cleaning machines for the removal of debris whilst also scrubbing the floors. The machine’s cylindrical scrub action with debris catch tray makes this machine absolutely perfect for large warehouse-type areas.



The Magnum is a big electric ride on, specifically designed for large logistics sites (50k square foot or more) or foundries. As the machine can also cope with outdoor spaces, it’s the perfect cleaning machine for cleaning car parks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Magnum comes with a large battery pack, so it has an impressive runtime, with no fumes or emissions.


The biggest sweeper in the outdoor range is the Armadillo, aptly named as it is the perfect cleaning machine for the toughest applications. The machine is LPG or diesel-powered, so it has an unlimited run time. However big the application, the Armadillo is the one for the job!

Medium (to Large) Area Ride On Floor Cleaner Hire


Wrangler 3330

The Wrangler 3330 is the perfect cleaning machine for aisles between racking on warehouse floors, covering moderate to large areas. The Wrangler is a great option where you need to cover a fairly large area, but budget might not stretch at the current point to a ride on machine. The Wrangler 3330 is also commonly used for diamond polishing on retail floors to really shine up that floor to commercial standard. The machine can be fitted with a range of brushes (soft, hard, or pad drivers with pads) so is adaptable to almost any application.

NSS Champ ZS29 & NSS Champ ZS35

The NSS Champ ZS29 & ZS35 is also a good choice for warehouse and factory floors, but where there are big enough areas to justify ride on cleaning machines. The NSS Champs are a very good choice for medium applications, as although they are ride on, they have a tight turning circle, so you won’t have any manoeuverability issues. The NSS Champs can be fitted with soft scrub brushes, hard scrub brushes or pad drivers with pads, so they can be adapted to be used on relatively any floor surface.


Rider 1201 & The B980RH Sweeper

Both the Rider 1201 & B980RH small ride on sweepers are amazing little sweeper machines for dust control in larger warehouse applications and building sites. They are compact enough to be space-friendly, while being capable of covering some moderate to large applications. The Rider 1201 has a manual hopper, whereas the B98RH comes with a hydraulic tip, depending on your preference.

This machine is capable of getting all of those hard to get places with a wide sweeping path and dual brushes and is an ideal warehouse sweeper as well as road sweeper. With a built in Automatic shaker that helps clean any and all debris from the filter to better fill the hopper there’s nothing to hold this machine back.

Small (to Medium) Area Ride On Floor Cleaner Hire


Wrangler 2625

The Wrangler 2625 is most commonly used in factories for pedestrian walk ways on painted, concrete or resin floors. The machine is incredibly manoeuvrable so it’s definitely the man for the job when you’re wanting to clean small to medium sized areas (between 5 – 20k square feet). Similar to the NSS Champs, the Wrangler can be fitted with a multitude of different brushes so can tackle any floor surface you’re looking to clean.


Hamster 800E Pedestrian Sweeper

The Hamster is the ideal machine to sweep and contain fine dust or small debris for internal applications. This cleaning machine is often used on construction sites and small warehouses due to its size. It can also be used to carry out a pre-sweep before using a scrubber dryer.

If you’re still not sure about the best machine for you, give us a quick call at 0330 678 11 22 and tell us all about the area you’re looking to clean and we’ll advise upon the sweeper or scrubber dryer we believe will be the best fit for your space. If you’d prefer to email us, drop us a line at [email protected].

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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