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Which Factory Floor Cleaning Machine Brush Is Best?

To improve the performance of your machine, it’s important to understand how to best use your factory floor cleaning machine to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

We’re often quizzed about which brushes will work best for different applications, so we thought we’d provide you with a little ‘Brushes 101’, discussing the various brush types available for each industrial floor sweeper, and what they can do for you.

All industrial brushes are designed with one main goal: to provide you with clean floors and a sanitary working environment. Having over 40 years experience in the cleaning industry we understand only too well that each of our customers has different requirements depending on the application (and current standard of the floor) and the requirements of their own market sector. The different brushes you use with your factory floor cleaning machine produce different results.

Find out which factory floor cleaning machine brush is best

Each of the machines that we provide come with a variety of brush options available. If you’re not sure which style of brush would be best, give us a call and explain your current situation; we will listen to your specifications and advise which brush would provide you with what you need.

The Scrubbers

Champ 3529

  • The 18” Polyblock Nylon Brush is perfect for mild to medium scrubbings, such as cleaning painted or newly laid concrete floors.
  • 18” Polyblock Stratagrit or ‘Tynex’ Brushes are aggressive and industrial brushes for use on bare concrete or very heavy applications where deep cleaning is required. The bristles are carbon with minimal flex so they are ideal for very dirty and oily floors.
  • Pad drivers fitted with pads – All scrubber dryers can be fitted with pad drivers which you then attach a pad. The pads come in different levels of abrasion with white being the softest (for light use and buffing) and black being the harshest (for stripping floors or removing fork truck tyre marks and heavy staining).

Champ 2929

  • The 15” nylon brush is the perfect brush for light to medium cleaning, it is long-lasting, low maintenance and suitable for most floor types.
  • 15” Polyblock Stratagrit or ‘Tynex’ Brushes are hard and aggressive brushes for use in tough environments.
  • This type of brush could damage a new or painted floor so always test them in a small area first before use.
  • Pad drivers fitted with pads – Pads of various colours produce different results. There are five types of pad (white, red, blue, green and black) that have different levels of coarseness. Pads are a good choice for smooth concrete floors.

Wrangler 3330

  • The 17” Nylon Brush is the ideal addition to your industrial cleaning machine where light to medium scrubbing is your main goal.
  • The 17” Nylon Grit-Filled Brush is perfect for heavy concrete scrubbing, so is ideal for larger-scale areas such as warehouses or factories.
  • The 17” Wire Brush is ideal for scarification where layers of old debris and muck need to be removed quite aggressively.
  • The 17” Scrub Grit Brush offers a mild to medium scrub on a range of floor surfaces, perfect for stubborn grime.

Wrangler 2625

  • Both the 13” Polyblock Nylon Brush and the 13” Scrub Grit Brush are capable of mild to medium scrubbing, removing dust and debris around your warehouse or industrial building.
  • The 13” Nylon Grit-Filled Brush is the perfect tool for aggressive concrete scrubbing in smaller areas, due to the reduced brush and machine size.

The Sweepers

There are three main styles of sweeper brush, which can be used for a variety of different tasks.

Natural Fibre Brushes

Natural fibre brushes offer the more delicate touch and are perfect for delicate floors or areas where you find a lot of fine dust building up. If you don’t maintain your dust level, this can be moved around your workspace as machines and or your staff move around, causing dust inhalation in more than one area of the building.

Polypropylene Brushes

Polypropylene brushes are perfect for cleaning up larger debris due to their flexibility and sweep capacity. The polypropylene bristles are less abrasive on floors than steel brushes but are still incredibly effective in the extraction of debris and dust.

Steel & Polypropylene Brushes

Steel and polypropylene brushes can be used both indoors and outdoors for heavy-duty sweeping, where dust levels are heightened and debris is an issue. The steel bristles are more heavy-duty and robust than purely polypropylene alone, making these brushes perfect for outdoor application.

Of course, we’ll be able to best advise you on the brushes that are ideal for your machine and your workspace environment upon having a thorough chat with you about your venue and your end goals.

We offer both purchase and hire options, so we maintain a budget-friendly service for all scales of business. If you’d like to test out your industrial cleaning machines with alternative brushes, give us a quick call regarding your scrubber or sweeper hire – we’d love to hear from you on 0330 678 11 22.

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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