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Floor Sweeping & Dust Control in Wood Working Factories

If you’re still using the more traditional method of a sweeping broom, dustpan and brush to remove the dust from your woodworking factory it might be a good time to put away the broom (according to health and safety best practices) in favour of an industrial floor sweeping machine.

Every year more and more companies make the decision to hire or purchase an industrial floor sweeper or scrubber dryer to improve the overall health and safety of their working environment. This is especially crucial for woodworking factories that have to deal with large amounts of harsh dust on a daily basis.

Sawdust and shavings are a continuous and real health hazard in the wood and furniture production industries. With the use of an industrial sweeper from SRS Cleaning Equipment, you can reliably prevent dust and shavings from collecting in the work environment and becoming a risk to the health of your staff and visitors.

Walk-Behind Battery Powered Sweepers For Hire

To help you maintain a clean and dust-free environment for both small and medium-sized areas, our pedestrian walk-behind battery-powered sweeper is ideal if you require something small, cable-free, robust and easy to manoeuver.

This machine is equipped with a rotating main broom, side broom and powerful dust binding filter. This promises greatly improved performance in removing and containing fine dust and debris compared to conventional sweeping methods.

Thanks to our fleet of delivery vehicles SRS can deliver your industrial sweeper or scrubber anywhere in the UK on a next-day basis. With new and refurbished sweepers in stock and hire options available from 5 days to 5 years SRS can offer flexible and budget-friendly options to help meet your industrial floor cleaning machine requirements.

For more information on our heavy-duty floor sweepers and floor, scrubbers contact us on 0330 678 11 22. Or click here to get in touch using our online form and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

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