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How to Make Big Clean-Up Jobs Easy with Industrial Floor Sweepers

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining large areas, ensuring that you have the correct floor cleaning equipment on site can be a huge help. So whether it’s an industrial walk-behind floor sweeper or a large ride-on floor cleaning machine, SRS can help by supplying you with the perfect industrial floor sweepers for the task.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Cleaners

SRS has various ride-on industrial floor sweepers available, including battery-powered models, LPG and even diesel-powered units suitable for indoor and outdoor sweeping. As a result, no matter what industry or application you are working in the team at SRS can advise on the best machine to meet your requirements. Our ride-on sweepers are a cost-effective and reliable way to remove dust and dirt from your working environment.

Although our range of machines are all simple to use and equipped with easy to navigate controls our delivery team will always provide a full demonstration and familiarisation to your operators on arrival to ensure the equipment is operated safely and performs exactly as it should do.

Ride-on Floor Sweepers from SRS Cleaning

With a large spot hire fleet and stock of new and used sweepers for sale we have heavy duty floor cleaners suitable for clearing large areas and matching any budget.


The Armadillo is one of the largest and toughest sweepers in the SRS range and is the ideal cleaning machine for the most challenging and dusty jobs. Since the unit is operated by LPG or diesel it can operate indefinitely. Whatever the task, the Armadillo is the right tool for the job!


The Magnum is a large electric ride-on designed for large logistics sites (50k square feet or more) or factories. Since the machine can clean indoor and outdoor areas, it’s ideal for cleaning car parks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Magnum has a large battery pack that gives it a long runtime while emitting no fumes or pollution. If the Magnum is a bit too big we also have small and nimble ride-on sweepers designed for cleaning down narrow aisles and workshop floors.

Are you unsure about which ride-on sweeper is best for you?

Not to worry. This is our area of expertise, and we’re always willing and wanting to help our customers find the ideal cleaning solution. Get in touch with us today at 0330 678 11 22.

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