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Industrial Floor Cleaning in Food and Drink Applications

Cleanliness and hygiene are an important part of any working environment but in the highly governed industry that is food and drink manufacturing, ensuring you have effective Industrial Floor Cleaning equipment to maintain a clean factory and warehouse floor is perhaps the most crucial of them all.

SRS cleaning equipment has over 40 years of experience in offering a wide range of industrial floor sweepers and ride-on scrubber dryers to customers throughout the UK. This makes us perfectly suited to help you spot hire, long term hire or purchase the most suitable industrial floor cleaning machine for your food and beverage processing facility.

Spills and surface water are one of the most common problems encountered by those in the food and drink manufacturing industry. In order to achieve the best cleaning performance and ensure a safe operating atmosphere, you must choose a machine that perfectly meets your needs and can manage your specific application requirements. The heavy-duty range of scrubber dryers from SRS are designed to clean and dry the floor in one pass. Fitted with the toughest grade squeegee blades and premium nylon or tynex scrub brushes they leave the floor clean, dry and hygienically safe within seconds. Cleaning manufacturing factory floors with an industrial floor scrubber on a daily basis will save time, improve the overall appearance of the facility and help kill bacteria and germs that could build upon the floor.

For any busy factory or warehouse floor having a combination of the best sweeper and scrubber dryers will help make a massive difference.

Hire an Industrial Cleaning Machine from SRS

SRS Cleaning Equipment provides short-term hire of industrial floor cleaners for a few days, weeks, or months. We also provide Longer Term Hire, which can last from months to years.  All hire units are supplied with operator familiarisation and full maintenance included giving you complete peace of mind. Thanks to our fleet of delivery vehicles SRS can deliver to virtually any location and application on a ‘next-day’ basis. We supply industrial scrubbers for hire to customers in the food and drink industry, construction sites, warehouse facilities and much more.

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