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Why Ride-On Industrial Sweepers Are Vital on Large Construction Projects

Sand, cement, dirt, dust, solidified plaster, earth, nails, sawdust. These are only a few of the problems to contend with on large constructions sites and since the dust and debris that ends up on the floor varies in shape, weight, and quantity, it can be tough to handle. This is when a large ride-on sweeper from SRS can be the ideal solution.

Ride-On Industrial Sweepers from SRS save you valuable time and help maintain a clean and safe environment not just at the end of the build prior to handing over the site to the client but all the way through construction. Having a heavy-duty floor cleaning machine at hand is key to achieving a healthier environment for everyone on site.

It can be challenging to find a suitable cleaning solution that will help remove and contain all the different types of dust and debris found on construction sites but at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we’ve made it easy. With years of experience in supplying ride-on sweepers to construction sites for the cleaning of large concrete slabs, we can advise on the best ride-on industrial sweepers or ride-on scrubber dryer for cleaning your construction project.

With fine dust being one of the main hazards on construction sites it is important you have the correct type of floor cleaning machine to utilise. The sweeper needs to be the right size for the task and fitted with the correct brushes and dust filters that will help contain fine particles within the machine rather than kicking the dust back out. Having supplied customers in the construction industry for many years now, SRS Cleaning Equipment can offer walk-behind sweepers and ride-on sweepers for hire to help you can achieve this.

The Magnum ride-on industrial sweeper has been a favourite amongst construction sites. It can be supplied with a 110volt charger (suitable for the power supply construction sites use during the build process). This large battery-powered ride-on sweeper provides a complete filtration system, enhanced driving comfort, and a hydraulic dumping system, making it the perfect model for sweeping construction sites as well as factory and warehouse floors.

Available for short term hire or rolling Flexi-Hire, you can hire the Magnum for a one-off big clean-up job at the end of the build or even hire the machine on a longer-term basis so you have it on-site and accessible during the whole build to help keep the site clean and dust-free through the entire process.

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