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Getting the Most Out of Your Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we like to make sure that when our customers take delivery of their purchased or hired walk-behind or ride-on scrubber dryer industrial floor cleaning machine that they are fully aware of how the model operates and the different processes involved to ensure optimal cleaning performance and safe use. Here are a few tips for anyone who’s considering the purchase or hire of a new or used industrial floor cleaner in the near future.


First of all, it’s important to make sure you have the correct brushes or pads installed on your machine. Certain pads/brushes clean better depending on what type of floor they are being used on. Red and blue pads are fairly soft and ideal on smooth concrete surfaces such as a newly laid warehouse floor. The green and black pads are more aggressive and are designed for removing heavy stains such as rubber tyre marks caused by fork-lift trucks. There are also different grades of scrub brushes from your ride on scrubber dryer, from fairly soft nylons to very stiff bristled ‘tynex’ brushes. Our machine installers recommend and fit the best pad or brush type for your machine on every delivery so you don’t have to worry. Having the right brush and cleaning fluid can help you save time by effectively cleaning your floor in 1 to 2 passes rather than 3 or 4.

Cleaning Fluids

When it comes to effective cleaning solutions one of the most important pieces of equipment to have is the right cleaning fluid for your walk-behind or the ride-on industrial cleaning machine. Depending on your type of floor and what you’re going to be cleaning there is a variety of cleaning solutions to choose from. Some fluids are best suited to be used in removing grime and tyre marks from factory floors, whilst others are made especially for use in the food industry.

Keep it Slow

When it comes to cleaning floors with your walk behind or ride on cleaning machines some may think that going faster is going to save them time. What going faster actually does is increase the chances of missing spots or not give your machines the chance to deliver an efficient clean, effectively costing you more time rather than saving it.

To save time and achieve a better result keep your machine moving fairly slow (around walking speed). This gives the scrub brushes and cleaning fluid more time to work together and efficiently scrub your floor, resulting in a better clean the first time around.

Heavy Stain Removal

Try using the double scrub technique for very heavy staining. This is where you use the machine to put down plenty of water and cleaning fluid without switching on the vacuum. If it is safe to do so then leave the water and cleaning agent on the floor as long as possible.  Once the water and solution have had the time to soak in you then run the machine over the same area several times with the scrub brushes on the heavy pressure setting. After this you lower the squeegee bar, turn on the vacuum and clean all the excess dirty water from the surface. This technique works well on very highly soiled and greasy floors, such as those found in the engineering industry. It can also work well for periodic deep cleans in food processing plants.

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