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Scrubber Dryers – Which Cleaning Fluid to Use?

At SRS when it comes to one of our customers either buying or hiring one of our walk-behind or ride-on industrial sweeper or scrubber dryers machines we like to make sure they have everything they need to get them started. This includes making sure all of our clients are advised and provided with the right cleaning fluid to best meet their floor cleaning and maintenance needs. We are going to discuss some of the cleaning fluids and solutions which you may receive when you choose your walk behind or ride on cleaning machines from SRS Cleaning Equipment, and how they will best help you maintain a clean working environment.

Selden F176 NEUTRAL

You’ll see that all of the cleaning fluids which we provide our customers are manufactured by Selden Research Limited. With years of experience in the industry, the team at SRS have become fond of the products provided by Selden which is why we supply it to our customers for use on their warehouse, factory or other industrial floorings.

Selden F176 Neutral scrubber dryers detergent is ideal for general cleaning and performing daily maintenance of any hard floor surface. Reliable and safe to use for the maintenance of many industrial floor types this cleaning fluid easily cleans floors and removes grease and dirt making it the perfect solution for daily use.

Selden F1017 SELCHEM

This specially formulated floor cleaner is perfect for scrubber dryer use. Its rapid and powerful cleaning action cleans thoroughly in one pass of any machine it is used in, easily removing any heavy marks or stains. The Selden F1017 heavy-duty scrubber dryer detergent is ideal for easy cleaning of food storage areas, factories, warehouses and supermarkets.


Selden F104 is the ideal cleaning solution for customers looking to maintain clean flooring and is perfect for use in hospitals, schools, and especially for use in the food industry when cleaning food-processing factories or food storage warehouses.

All the cleaning fluids we provide come with safety data and dilution guidance.

To learn more about the cleaning fluids and solutions which we provide get in touch with our dedicated team at our contact us page or call us on 0330 678 1122.

For further information on the heavy-duty floor scrubbing machines, we provide our customers to take a look at our full range of industrial cleaning machines which we have available for hire or purchase. All of our industrial scrubber dryers and sweepers are conveniently available for next day delivery throughout the UK with hire periods from 1 week to 5 years.

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