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Why Hire a Ride-on Floor Cleaner?

When you consider the cleaning needs of your company, you might find that it is a lot more effective and practical to hire an industrial floor cleaner, rather than Buy.

Often, when you examine the cleaning maintenance requirements of your organisation or industrial space, it may be a better choice to simply casual hire your floor cleaning equipment. Before making a decision on whether you should buy or rent there are a variety of advantages to look at when it comes to renting.

Hire to Save on Costs

If you’re struggling to decide between buying and renting your industrial floor cleaning machine one of the main points to consider is how often you plan to use it. Unless you’re certain the machine you go with will be used on a regular and fairly frequent basis, you’re much better off renting the equipment as and when you need it.

If you only need floor cleaning equipment for a short time – a large-scale clean-up, for example – even if done every few months, short term hire is likely the more suitable option as it can save you in the long run when it comes to costs.

We’ve seen that renting machines is a popular option amongst construction companies who clean larger areas less frequently, after finishing big projects. Hire is also a popular option to businesses looking to trial certain machines for a test period before purchasing to make sure they pick the perfect machine that meets their requirements and application.

This is an excellent way, without the commitment, to find the best machine and supplier for your business, particularly as you can get feedback from various operators and departments on which machine best suits the operation.


Renting a sweeper or floor scrubber provides a hassle-free option especially if you do not want the issues of ongoing maintenance and repairs.  A significant convenience of renting your industrial cleaning equipment is that you rely on SRS Cleaning Equipment to service and maintain all of our machines properly, keeping them in perfect condition for when you need them. When you Flexi hire a heavy-duty walk-behind sweeper or sit on floor washer from SRS you also have the option to de-hire or change the machine at any stage, ensuring you always have an up to date machine to utilise that matches your current requirements.

Saves on Space

Industrial floor cleaning equipment tends to be quite large depending on what you go for and can take up quite a bit of space. This could prove to be an issue, particularly if your company operates within a limited working area.

Renting a floor cleaning machine instead of storing one in-house mitigates the need for these machines to have space dedicated to storing them. SRS holds a full stock of hire machines and makes it easy to only have cleaning machines on-site when you need them, with dedicated next-day nationwide delivery all provided with operator familiarisation, check sheets and manuals.

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