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Walk-Behind vs Ride-on Cleaning Machine

Choosing the right industrial cleaning equipment for your needs can be tricky. All the walk-behind and ride-on industrial cleaning machines from SRS provide the ultimate in cleaning and efficiency, but which is best for you?

As a leading supplier of industrial floor cleaning equipment across the UK, here at SRS Cleaning Equipment, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality floor cleaning machines to fit your site’s needs. This includes helping you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the most appropriate industrial walk behind or ride-on sweeper or heavy-duty floor scrubber dryer for your application.

Walk-Behind Industrial Cleaning Sweepers & Scrubbers

Walk-behind floor cleaning machines are ideal to assist the operator to help minimise fatigue, improve efficiency and allow operators to clean more floor area compared to manual equipment.

Walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers also have a lower footprint than their ride-on counterparts, so a walk-behind machine is typically the best option if the space to be maintained is smaller and/or includes narrow aisles or obstacles.

Pedestrian floor cleaners can easily navigate through standard doorways and provide great flexibility. A walk-behind scrubber is an ideal way to clean and maintain small construction sites, walk-ways in a food factory or even just to remove surface water from flooding and water ingress.

Ride-on Industrial Cleaning Sweepers & Scrubbers

Ride-on sweeper or scrubber dryers are ideal for anybody looking to clean relatively larger spaces in smaller amounts of time. Ride-on sweepers and scrubbers allow the operator of the machine to be highly productive and are best suited for large constructions sites, distribution centres and car park cleaning. Providing the operator with minimal effort and improved comfort, ride-on floor cleaning machines provide a boost in efficiency and reliability compared to walk-behind floor cleaners.

When it comes to choosing a Ride-on Industrial Cleaning Machine select the biggest machine that your space can support. This ensures the sweeper or scrubber dryer you choose has more capacity in terms of debris it can sweep or water it can carry. Larger ride-on machines often support bigger battery packs increasing the machines running time between charging.

Here at SRS we specialise in providing both sale and machine hire support for new, used and refurbished floor cleaning equipment.

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