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Product Highlight: Rider 1201

Twin side brooms. Easy to empty hopper insert trays. Reinforced front brush protection kit and vacuum wand attachment. All fitted as standard on the SRS supplied Rider 1201 units. The battery pack provides 2-3 hours runtime and can cover nearly 10,000 square metres per hour.

So what’s so special about the ride-on Rider 1201? Well for starters it’s at least 30x faster than the hardest working sweeper with the widest of brooms and can cover whatever your desired floor space is without the need of a coffee break.

The Rider 1201 was designed to sweep floors accurately and efficiently, allowing for greater control of stray dust that would otherwise be lifted into the air by your everyday broom.

Built to provide the operator with total visibility from all angles, easy entry/exit, and full control and manoeuvrability allow the operator to effortless access narrow spaces and tight corners.

The Rider 1201 is a unique combination of high-quality technology and ideas which will enable users to keep large areas clean by working in total comfort quickly and at low costs. Equipped with two side brushes, creating a wide sweeping path of 1,200mm, combined with the fast operational speed, warrants the operator with a large cleaning capacity of up to ten thousand square meters.

Some other features included in this machine:

  • A front flap raising device allowing the broom to pick up even larger debris
  • On-board vacuum cleaner for use in areas, inaccessible to the main sweepers.
  • 85-litre debris container equipped with wheels and handle allowing the hopper and any debris to be easily transported.

All controls are simple and ergonomically located for smooth operation. With a single pedal controlling forward and reverse speed. The levers to raise or lower the two side brushes are found on the dashboard as well as the filter and vacuum devices controls.

Readily available for same day/next day delivery on our hire and sales fleet, contact our team to make an enquiry or to find out more about this remarkable cleaning machine.

For more information call us on 0330 678 11 22. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond straight away.

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