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Used Ride On Sweeper For Warehouses

Having to clean up the mess in a warehouse is no fun for anyone and certainly, isn’t the easiest job in the world when it comes to large areas but the simple solution is to use a performance built used ride on sweeper.

At SRS Cleaning Equipment we offer high quality industrial cleaning machines suitable for indoor and outdoor use that can make your everyday warehouse cleaning requirements easier than ever before. From small and agile industrial scrubber dryers to efficient, combination sweeper/scrubber machines, all our cleaners are built for durability, high-performance and ease of use.

Offering a large range of industrial cleaning machines, the team at SRS strive to provide our customers with the perfect machine for them. Making sure they receive the best service and value for their money, all while maintaining clean and accident-free warehousing and distribution areas.

Warehouses and distribution centres can be very busy places to work throughout the year and need regular cleaning and maintenance. Dust or dirt, packaging debris, waste paper or almost anything else that can end up on the floor and cause a mess or accident can be cleared away easily and quickly with an industrial cleaning machine.

Using one of our SRS provided industrial floor sweepers, you will be fully equipped to complete any job in no time, with the choice of a range of battery-powered machines, you can be sure of getting a machine without the complications of trailing cables not allowing you the reach the places you need to most.

If you are new to industrial cleaning machines don’t worry, our specialist team can advise on the best machine for the job. On delivery our SRS installers provide machine familiarisation, check sheets and run through everything you need to know before taking the reins so you know exactly what your new machine is capable of.

We have a broad range of sweepers available for hire and sale, with all industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers being great for warehouses sites as well as construction sites, factories, workshops and even car parks.

To make an enquiry or to learn more about a machine or our machine hire scheme, visit the contact us page or call us on 0330 678 11 22.

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