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Maintaining a Clean Construction Site

Simple to operate, powerful and designed for the toughest jobs. All our floor scrubber machines and floor sweepers at SRS Clean are reliable and effective when it comes to cleaning a variety of jobs and tasks that can be found in the construction industry.

Why choose SRS for your building and construction business?

SRS industrial cleaning machines are designed for particularly challenging situations. They are reliable and durable and have all the characteristics needed to operate in very difficult and demanding conditions.

Sweeping Dust & Debris Made Easy

Anyone who works in the construction industry will understand the great amounts of dust and debris that can be caused. Having to clean up all this mess is certainly no one’s favourite job, but by using an industrial floor sweeper, efficiency is increased and a lot of trouble and time is taken out of the task.

SRS offers a solution for every requirement you may have or environment you may be working in — from small and compact sweepers and floor scrubber dryers that manoeuvre easily around tight corners to heavy-duty combination cleaners destined for harder and more demanding jobs.

Final Cleaning of a Building Environment

An industrial sweeper lets you collect dust and debris permanently, making the environment fully clean and dust-free, post-construction.

Take the small ride-on floor sweeper for example: built for manoeuvrability, the compact low tipped ride-on sweeper is perfect for a variety of applications where tight spaces need to be swept and dust needs to be gathered. The sweeper is perfect for settings with loose dust and debris; they are perfect for warehouse cleaning, construction sites or any areas with a general build-up of debris or an issue with managing fine dust.

Flexible Hire Options

With the option of hire available with all of our machines, you can be sure to get your cleaning jobs done whenever you need them done, without getting tied up in the management of another machine on site.

Make sure to ask about the hire options for any of our machines, to get all the information on how you can save money, receive machine familiarisation & support, and nationwide next-day delivery.

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