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Sweepers/Scrubbers. What’s the Difference?

Many of our first-time customers get in touch with the team at SRS, knowing one thing for sure, that they need a new cleaning solution for their working facility, but often aren’t sure what machine they require or whether sweepers or scrubbers would best benefit them. But that’s why we’re here.

SRS Cleaning Equipment can help you determine which type of machine would be best suited for your working environment which will then help you narrow down which cleaning machine you should go with.

What’s the difference?


Sweepers are ideal for those who are working out of warehouses, manufacturing facilities and generally dusty working environments. Regular sweeping with an industrial sweeper in these types of environments is important to make sure that dust isn’t distributed back into the air and is thoroughly and completely removed from your facility.


Scrubbers as you might imagine, rely on the movement of scrubbing pads or brushes to loosen and remove grit, grime, stains and then dry the floor so that your workplace looks clean and professional at all times. This cleaning method is a lot more effective because of an industrial cleaning machines ability to clean more than just dust and everyday debris.

Both cleaning machines have their own advantages, but it’s fairly clear to see at this point that each performs its own specific task – and there isn’t a lot of overlap between them. With that in mind, some facilities might get away with using only a sweeper, but most are going to be better served by a combination of the two. Which brings us to…

Combination Cleaners

Combination cleaning machines are the ideal choice for those who need a heavy-duty sweeper-scrubber dryer machine that is capable of the removal of debris, dust, grime and dirt from floors. Our range of combination cleaners is ideal for deep cleans and maintaining of large floor areas. These robust ‘one pass’ cleaning machines are available for spot hire and rolling hire.

Our Range

At SRS Clean we have a wide range of sweepers, scrubbers and combination cleaners for our customers to choose from available for hire and purchase. This includes compact and manoeuvrable walk-behind sweepers to robust and heavy-duty ride-on models. Our machines are built to make short work of all of your dirty facilities, removing dust and debris and leaving your floors sparkling clean.

For more information or help finding the perfect machine for you get in touch with the team at SRS on 0330 6781122 or, email [email protected], or [email protected], or fill in the online form, here. We’d be more than happy to help!

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